Edmundo criticizes celebrity's arrival in Santos: "There's a very good businessman" t

On Sunday (31 March) Santos began the battles for semifinals Paulista 2019 with a 2-1 defeat with Corinthians in Itaquera in a match identified with the Peixe problem being effective in the attack. Despite the visit by Derlis González, the coach itself Jorge Sampaoli, during the press conference, they realized that the owners of the house played as they wanted.

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At the time Last Word this Sunday, the reporter FOX Sport Edmundo questioned the name of midfielder Christian Cueva, who reached Vila Belmiro's gold next to Krasnodar-RUS, and became one of the offensive attacks against the Corinthians team, but it was very effective. In the second stage the Peruvian escaped to Rodrygo.

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"If China was our era, I wanted to meet my business from Cueva, I was delighted, businessman from Cueva is very good, he doesn't do anything in São Paulo, he's going to Krasnodar, he doesn't do anything there, and Santos can't play, "he said through the program.

Cueva invited Sampaoli in a loan deal in the first year of the player in Santos, which in 2020 will pay the first share of the 7 million dollars ($ 27.4 million) he pledged to pay in the agreement he signed. Russian Club

In the loss of Corinthians, the fish need at least a simple influence in the terms of the return to make a decision for the penalties. If you win between 2 and 0, you are sure of its final. The controversial dispute will be arranged for the next 8 April in Packembo.

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