Followers at Atlântico headquarters will be: Walk in the season and instead of staying;

The series of objections were continued against players and the board of directors of Atltico later on Friday afternoon. In the third exhibition in two days, they were the administrative headquarters of the club, in the Lourdes area, in South Central Division of Belo Horizonte, where they joined and united the standard. they sang songs to the actors and the directors. (see gallery above)"The tour will take place in the nightclubs and will cover", "A group without honor, respect and respect for glorious glory", "Time without shame", "Rooster race", "Cazares chaceiro" and "Outside Victor," Fbio Santos and Patric "said scenes from the fans. The group picked up a flag and the red shield was lit.

In particular, these criticisms are particularly critical of the poor performance of the team in organization, the Copa Libertadores. Atlântico is third in Group E with just three points – nine points less than Cerro Porteo-PAR and six less than Nacional-URU. The Zamora-VEN is in the fourth position, with no points.

Players as a midfielder and Rver defender were also criticized, along with masseur Belmiro.

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Other complaints

The 4-1 defeat for Cerro Porteo surfaced in Wednesday Paraguay. At the start of the day, atleticanos received the complaint team at Confins International Airport, in the Metropolitan Division of Belo Horizonte.

At the break of the day from Thursday to Friday, the club's headquarters were in the Lourdes as a judging room for players and the board for bad time. Gamekeeper Victor, a big fool in the club's history, was not saved. "Frangueiro, Saint of the weak," said a poster, with the Warden's nose with the actor's nose.

Some messages were even more offensive: "If you find yourself in the poem, you will die."

Another poster was another criticism of the boat owners, Cazares. A representation of the player came with the following message: "Cachazares passing this time". On the ground, under the statue, bottles of beer and a Corote drink.

There was also a reminder of the president of the Atltico, Srgio Sette Cmara. "Get some of my president Rooster F1.

When asked about the issue, the mandate stated that he believed the complaint against players and board, which had been kept in the club's main building at dawn, had been commissioned. The president said he examined what had happened and, if he found hard evidence, to tell supporters of the true reasons for the exhibition.

“This complaint has been dead in the night in something that would have followed us. The people of Atlântico with the front. This is a complaint in the thing atleticano. He was commissioned by some, and we suspect him of it. We are examining. And when we find out, speak to him. Atltico supporters have the right to make a complaint. She is against the valid Let's see what happened and, at the right time, we'll tell you what happened, "Sette Cmara said.

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