For safety! Google expanded for Chrome's warning about deleted deletions

From time to time we will publish personal data that is a n; negotiate millions of users. This year is the second largest in history, & # 39; affecting 800 million people. That's why a company has released a new subscription for its & # 39; Chorme browser, which can investigate the site's credentials against the breakdown of a recognized password.

The Password Checkup is expanded and is available today. Automatically and securely, add-ons will check the credentials used to log into websites, whether they are currently stored or stored in the manager Chrome password, against certificates stored in a cryptite database of bills of Google's dangerous accounts.

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February 02

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According to Elie Bursztein, the leader of Google abuse investigations, the protocol behind the service is provided as a service for a security of accounts and the interface can be offered as an open-ended application.

Confirmation of password for users of G Suite has been running for a while, but a & # 39; offer the same certification as other users are even more healthy. Password Survey will use a variety of; name and encryption to protect the login, from a way that is hitting to create an insecure record. Hash Argon2 unidentified certificates to create a search engine for Google's database and encrypted with Elliptic Curve encryption.

The app has a backup database with data selected from password in foreign markets. Currently, data terabytes have over 4 billion breakthrough certificates, which are constantly updated by Google's risk research team.

This database may be an invaluable tool for teams that hunt corporate threats for convergent ideas to reflect on tertiary services. However, Google's aim, in the words of the security head, is to reach networks in a clear and easy way to use.

To download the add-ons in your Chrome, click on the link below:

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