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Fumacê & # 39; Dengue's face begins this Friday (1); see neighbors and streets – every day

A vehicle starts to & # 39; a deposit in Araraquara this Friday (1). (Photo: Press Release / PMC)

The city of Araraquara said Vila Biagioni, Garden of Seasons and Garden Europe were the first neighbors, this Friday (1), the cheapest car with an insectide to oppose her; mosquito aedes aegypti, dengue transmitter. According to the statement, the vehicle runs from 17 to 21 hours.


Against the Aedes, Baile Araraquara will be doing & # 39; smoking & all over town

Until this Monday (25), the town recorded 2,035 people with a disease, according to data from the Epidemiological Survey. In addition, according to the Ministry of Health, on the eight deaths recorded by the disease in the São Paulo state, Morada do Sol has three of them.

Check the sites that receive the nebulization:

– Benedito Máximo Araújo
– John Silveira
– Sebastião Lemos da Cruz
– José Alves de Souza Góes
– Pastor Antônio da Silva
– Rubens Alves de Oliveira
– José Figueira da Silva
– Epaminondas France
– Edgard Pacha Machado
– Nivaldo Leite business engineer
– Antônio Rodrigues de Carvalho
– Ismael de Araújo
– Rogério Baptista da Cruz

– Araraquara Railway
– Trifonio Guimarães
– Serafin Simioni
– Deisy Cardoso Bizelli
– Ninin Gomes de Freitas
– Antônio Baldasari
– Maria Apparecida
– Machado Gonçalez
– Maria Luiza Baschix
– Dr. Frederico Meller
– Dr Abeylard Netto Amarante
– Armando Biagioni
– Jorge Haddad
– Alpheu Rorigues Schiavon
– Manoel Marques de Jesus
– Adelaide Ferraz de Carvalho

According to its home administration, the demand is restricted to the Araraquara and Adelaide Ferraz crosses of Carvalho and the Ismael De Araujo and Benedito Maximo Araujo

See guidance on smoking:
– At this time the vehicle must pass, doors and windows of homes to be open so that the smoke can reach the rooms;
– Food must be packed in pedestrians;
– Bird cages must be covered;
– Induction boxes of bees need to be 24 hour longs;
– Clothing must be removed from the poles;
– Vehicles must be removed from the streets;
– Residents need to stay in the last room of the house while they are spray;
– Severe women, elderly and child should be away from the streets;
– After applying, water and food from domestic animals must change.

His home also said that there should be a delay in her & # 39; smoke.

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