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Globo and Sony will be meeting in the USA to draw a series of plans on the Nazis – 02/16/2019

After the author, Mário Teixeira finished "O Tempo Não Para" and made changes to the script for "The Angel of Hamburg", a series in 10 chapters, TV Globo alongside the pre- representation.

So, the artistic director Jayme Monjardim and the representative of Samanta Monteiro traveled to Buenos Aires and Hamburg, behind places for this next work, which was set during Nazis.

Due to the changes that you request, reboot practically from the beginning.

Following the topic of the venues, the next weeks will be in hard collections with the Sony partnership in Los Angeles to discuss script, guide, spend and represent. Sophie Charlotte and Matthew Solano, for all purposes and effects, are still reserved for the main responsibilities, and the Aracy hero and her husband, Guimarães Rosa.

It also has a & # 39; combines Brazilian actors and foreign countries in the "overproduction" inside and, if it meets the desired objectives, it can prove a whole production process and that there are other partnerships.

Different scheme

Despite what a person thought, "The Hamburg Angel" about the young woman who persecuted Jews with persecution by the Nazi government of Adolf Hitler to flee to Brazil, they will make a way different in their exhibition.

You will first get an exhibition on the open television, and then, with the appropriate apps, the flow will reach.

Personal Archive
Álvaro Campos, Daniel Filho and Cláudio Manoel on the back of the scenes "There is a question of" Humanity and Message " Image: personal file


One of the interviewees is Daniel Filho's "Rindo de quê? – Humor and Dictatorship", compiled by Globo Filmes and GloboNews, on the 28th in the theater.

He talks about meeting every fortnight with the craftsmen, among other television shows behind the scenery. I work with the direction of Cláudio Manoel, Álvaro Campos and Alê Braga.


Carla Vilhena, a person with a full-length television story, started on Globo last year, on a well-known band name.

There is an interest in her work and it seems that it is not right for journalism.

Care is missing

At least so far, there is no decision on the sentence "Jornal da Band" not to confirm someone to take Ricardo Boechat's place.

And there is no reason why the case has not been considered. There is still no weather for that.

Did you know?

Last year, SBT management came to work with the ability to buy a sports event.

The European League, for example, at one time had a target and his conversation was even lively at first. Then, because the problems have ever been in place; coming, there was a decision to let him go. Let a rock on the top.


Aguinaldo Silva promises an important commitment in "The Seventh Guardian" in the novel course. Chapter 100 was established as a boundary.

Expecting the audience, but also throwing staff, with an interest in doing something; grow the story of their characters.


To celebrate 20 years from "Estádio 97" by Energia FM, there will be a special broadcast of their team, Sunday, São Paulo and São Paulo.

But attracting to the mills of the house, with each who complains for his heart club, reciting Domenico Gatto Palmeiran and Shadow, Mano and a beautiful company.

Why not?

At least, the disappearance of José Silvério from the sport will be Bandeirantes radio broadcast.

As well as being the number one and the most prestigious producers, it has not been cleared to any game this week. And a week of Sundays and Classic Sunday. Weird.


On the carboard the Amaury Junior's new program on Rede TV! distributed on the evenings and Saturday.

There are already several options, but there are no conditions for another day.

And there is more

Everything indicates that there is an online news season on the Network TV! football should not be stopped and Amaury Junior returns.

There are other plans for your timetable to get the right experience. No one speaks openly, but their understanding is that the time in a Band is left in the dust.

Raquel Cunha / Globo
Glória Maria and Sérgio Chapelin begin a new season of "Globo Reporter" Image: Raquel Cunha / Globo

Launch Enterprise

Glória Maria and Sérgio Chapelin's campaign launched the new season of "Globo Reporter". Globo started to release the pieces next week. With its position as an airport, delegates and reporters will come together to confirm that the program "offers research very little and that the experience is a great deal."

The "Globe Reporter" will return on 8 March.

View of Serginho

The "Altas Hours", by Serginho Groisman, will take a Saturday night at Globo, as well as what he will attract, a new picture, "Carona le Laura Muller."

A talk about a week's sex with a different guest. The first is Valeska Popozuda.


Walther Negrão is working on a new series for Silvio de Abreu and Glória Perez to Globo.

But she does not have anything to do with Eni House, or the history of her caffein Eny Cezarino, from Bauru. This is a new idea.

Beat – Rebate

* Band and Band are already confirmed in the next broadcast of Roland Garros …
* … The difference is, compared to last year's work, that he is currently planning to do everything there …
* … There are a lot of workshops already there.
* In "The Knowledge", as well as reducing work for the most vibrant authors, Globo is also planning to go to; using their oldest cases …
* … In the various programs to be shown, the audience will have a series with the partnership of Stênio Garcia, Fernanda Montenegro, Laura Cardoso, Tónico Pereira, Marcos Caruso and many others …
* … And many of these jobs already have a high level of representation.
* If there was any doubt yet, it is now possible to confirm that the recording has been "Mary Magdalene" …
* … And the reason was like: TV Azteca was launched before.
* A few times in "Jornal Nacional", as famous as Maria Julia Coutinho, Maju, on Saturday …
* … And she deserves it.
* The "Marked by Success" program, which is presented by Bruno Mendonça, starts at 9:30 am on Saturday, now shown by Paulista Band, based in President Prudente. It also continues in the Gospel Network.

* Cooperate José Carlos Nery

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