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Google: Known on the order of Playstation and Xbox competitors

Earlier this year the world was very aware of Google's new consortium. On the back, the center could be a new streaming service powered by Chromecast. Watch this as a sort of Netflix to play. Now, a painter who has come to the internet shows what the order is on; this consolation is similar.

The Google signal may officially be recognized at an event that will be held later this month

At the end of this month, Google will keep a secret event during the Game Developments Conference that addresses many of the facts that have visited the new Google consults and also the streaming service of the games. In the background, the search engine is able to provide detailed information on the technology it has developed for Project Stream.


The patent itself belongs to a system of contact for a ruler. In use, the player will know when a new game is available. However, it also gives you an invitation to play and a chat request.

In addition, the patent also includes a number of pictures that are displayed; show how this new order will appear.

Included in here are two directories such as, for example, the Playstation leader. It also shows other buttons that are likely to have been successful with them from Sony consulates and even the Playstation.

In addition, the picture also displays a button related to its & # 39; microphone. This may involve a sympathy with a vocalist. At the same time, the Yank website created a series of images based on the images that were submitted with their patent.

Note, however, that this image can not match the last product.

This is not the first time we talked about Google Console Leak.

Indeed, it has been in a year since Google started working on this project. But little information is available. What is known is that Stream Project technology should be introduced – already introduced – with a hard-working part that technology will flow into our room.

In use, with an Internet connection of just 25 Mbps, Windows, Linux, Mac and Chrome, OS players could probably play Odyssey Creed Assassin during the Chrome browser.

Hard-to-use could eliminate the need to use a computer browser to hit the service on TV. Previously, it was expected to be a type of Chromecast. However, the facts now identify another way. In practice, it should be a home console where Google rulers are present.

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