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Hercílio Luz is winning and winning. takes the Avaí from the leadership of Catarinense 2019

Ricardo is betrayed by the member and the wetter. The small amount of the defendants was costing many Avaí. He lost the cut that ended in a 1-0 Hercilio Luz tour at Anibal Costa on Sunday night. The Lion lion was only lost to Hercílio Luz, but also in the situation in the Catarinense Campeonato 2019. He started as a leader and finished the 13th round in the third place. The other lion, from the south, got a good respite in the fight against her lost, and her; Opening three points for the Z-4.

– The player started and gave the light to pass, I finished finish. I think we have done a good game and now we are doing it. think of the next game, "said Ricardo, shortly after his game.

In the next round of Catarinense 2019, Hercílio Luz will face her face; Metropolitan in Blumenau. A 16h game is a Saturday in a straightforward decision against a & # 39; surrender and opening the 13th round. Avaí is ahead of her classics with Figueirense, at 16h on Sunday, in Ressacada. Previously, however, it is the case for Vasco da Gama for the Brazil Cup. The first phase for the third ranked is 9:30 p.m. on Thursday in São Januário.

With players to split for a & # 39; game against Vasco for the Brazil Cup, on Thursday, the Mixed Avaí was explained to look after his / her. game at first. The need to benefit is to bring their own pace from the dispersed range and the scattered grass Hercílio Luz with two support centers, Kayron and Lima. A long balloon or breaking ball; there. Mar at 15, where Wescley went to her dad and at her. center. Kayron was ruined and, with fear, Rudnei finished. The Lion had moments of presence in an attack area, but the homeowners evaded the bone to keep the possession of their balls.

The second part of the first phase was a lot of competition in the middle of the field. One of them, at 29, the Hawaiian Avaiano gave a hard door in Rudnei. The application was submitted in a bang and pushed. It was only confirmed by her & # 39; an ugly game, of direct connection attempts. The end of time, however, of Avaí was better and that was still near Getúlio. At 35 he got in the stripe of the large area, which was ruled, converted and hit: beside the seam. At 39, it was launched and won a crucifier and below to set up a host Tiger to make the best protection to then.

Hercílio Luz returned from the interim with Vinícius Pacheco. The team was willing to make a member and was awarded an early prize at 6. B & # 39; and then the cross came under the attack that the defender Ricardo lost to; boat, the cut was wrong, he fled. He stopped in Lima, to find Kayron in front of the mammoth. He left the mark on the ground and filled the net: 1-0 for the South Lion. Then Geninho completed the rest of the guardians Daniel Amorim, João Paulo and Matheus Barbosa for their presentation. game and Avaí in the fight for victory. But the home team was close.

As Roberto Carlos, who is outside, the flo Léo Costa torpedo was run by tele-television from the media. The ball jumped in Lucas Frigeri, the beat and the left hit. The Azure team was open and Hercílio Luz allowed him to appear in more danger. Avaí went into the attack, but was not at risk. To continue, the Hercilists reinforced the field with the mouth of Mateus Freitas, after the Rudnei was tired. Then, at 31, the Tiger saved the electorate. Daniel Amorim hit the ball hard from the edge of his penalty box.

It does not matter what Avaí put over, he could not affect the Hercilist. Even at 48, when a low cross ended with the Daniel Amorim testament. The South Lion was rescued and the housekeepers won the second impact of the team in Catarinense 2019.

TECHNICAL PAGE – Hercílio Luz 1 x 0 Avaí


Tiger; Victor Guilherme, Ze Antônio, Carlão Farias and Léo Pereira; Léo Costa, Rudnei (Mateus Freitas) and Jailton; Wescley (Vinícius Pacheco), Kayron (Julian) and Lima. Technical: Oliveira Canindé.


Lucas Frigeri; Alex Silva, Eduardo Kunde, Ricardo and Lourenço; Falcão (Matheus Barbosa), André Mortiz (João Paulo) and Luan Pereira; Brizuela (Daniel Amorim), Caio Paulista and Getúlio. Technology: Geninho.

GOL: Kayron, at six in the second half (A).

LOCAL CARDS: Kayron and Tiger (H). Caio Paulista and Falcão (A)

ARBITRATION: Ramon Abatti Abel, helped by Guilherme Costa Gonçalves and Elen Carolin Sieglitz Portal.

Scumbag: 1,187 supporters, for an income of R $ 17,759.

LOCAL: Anibal Costa, in Tubarão.

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