how to eat healthily

31 March it is part of the Ministry of Health calendar as National Health and Nutrition Day. The purpose of this day is to raise awareness of the importance of healthy eating at all stages of life. Ultimately, good food choices are essential for the prevention of disease and quality of life.

But, in the middle of the sea we live in, we can be upset about healthy eating really. Fortunately, a eating habits are simpler than it is. Have a look at some suggestions from the Brazilian People 's Kitchen and enjoy National Health and Nutrition Day to help change your life!

1. Food in nature or handled a good deal of food.

In other words, avoid predictable products, that lose nutrients during the creation process and are rich in chemicals (such as miojos, soft drinks, meats, etc.). Enter more and less less!

2. Be suspicious of a pack.

Many of the market materials that say they are healthy are, in fact, poor nutritional foods. So read the label always and you will see the ingredients list

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3. Carefully use oil, fat, salt and sugar.

You can make the ships more tasty by using natural spices, for example.

4. Try to eat calmly and attractively.

By observing food this allows you to taste more of the food and know when you are really satisfied.

5. Develop your cooking skills.

If you already know how to cook, well! Get the chance to share and teach others, such as friends and family.

If you don't know how to cook, it's time to learn. For this, ask for advice and recipes, look for internet information and encourage access to the source. Being independent in the kitchen is vital to controlling your own food.

6. Planning and buying.

Always have a list of what you need to have in a kitchen cabinet and freezer that you can't stop from visiting delivery or ▪ replace cookies. Also, get economic help at the end of the month!

If possible, buy places with a huge amount of goods in nature, such as festivals and horticulture.

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