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Huawei says that they may be making fines for their smartphones, but they choose to add it

Huawei has made the new P30 smartphones market, including P30 Pro, a powerful move and lenses that could hit the 3 pixels against the night. Leaving the cameras and talking about product design, it can no doubt provide a valuable insight. But according to the company himself it might be even better.

Who is Richard Yu, Head of Huawei's domestic business group, who said in an interview with GSMArena that he was keeping the line-up for user use. According to the book, the company already has the technology to make it smaller.

The point is that the creature does not believe that the market is ready for even small or infinite jaws. Richard says that it would be an unintentional design option that caused serious problems. By contrast, Huawei keeps looking at their edges, and decreases as much of their material as possible.

The timing of the move to remove the chin is not known, but the fact is that this motion is restricted, at the start, on the top of the line, for a simple purpose: only displays are seen as sufficient AMOLED sign in at the bottom of your smartphone and save a lot of space in your smartphone slock. Machines that are cheaper, like those using LCD screens, are still not well developed and gives similar benefits.

In any case, it is worth noting that the P30 Pro and the new P30 Lite will be officially available in Brazil from May. The Chinese people will also bring one machine or more of the Mate 20 line, closing the list of newest works they have launched in the international market.

And are you interested in any of the modules she will take to Brazil? Do you agree that the smartphone chip is still needed for more comfortable use? Tell us what we think!

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