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Ibovespa is powered by Powell by 1.55%, but he looks closely at helping work

The Legacy Reserve, Jerome Powell, a "davish" speech led the Brazilian stock market, which opposed a non-permanent exchange since it opened on Wednesday, 28. As well as telling the There is an interest in the United States that "just below" is neutral, Powell has not seen "dangerous stocks in stock markets". This is the password to stock stock stock on New York Stock Exchange, with the current revival. The Bovespa Register increased significantly and finished the day receiving 1.55% at 89,250.82 points. There was £ 16.1 billion of business there.

With the result of this Wednesday, the key indicator of sections of B3 returned to impact its highest historic level, of 89,598 points, recorded on November 5. So he gets 2.09% in November. The increase was due to the good performance of financial and steel stocks and mining, as Petrobras shares fell due to falling dramatically in oil prices.

"The markets were hopeful and found in the Fiera's talk speech of a kind of white flag, which allowed the revival of prices. But I do not see it in a speech Powell believes there are levels of interest near him, "said Pedro Paulo Silveira, a New Futura economist.

Despite hope, analysts and deployers carried out care about cases related to the elected government, in particular with regard to the timely work of more Petrobras lots. According to deactives, the situation of the transition team and the legislation has limited the goodwill of the investor.

Economist Paulo Guedes, economist minister of the future, agrees to be a reward for the approval of the project due to technical difficulties to make some of the resources collected for states and towns to be able . "It's hard, it's tough. The way it seems to be a threat to a top of it. It's a seriously damaging series for the next government," said Guedes, indicate that there is no voting at & # 39; the project. "They're likely to talk about this for a week," he said.

In the stock survey, Petrobras shares finished the day with a loss of 1.25% (ON) and 0.59% (PN). Oil prices fell more than 2 percent in New York and future in London. Among the financial sectors, the Santander units (+ 2.45%) and Bradesco ON (+ 3.24%) are the main events. The drop in the dollar was exporting a stock of exports, such as Klabin (-1.45%) and Suzano ON (-0.73%).

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