Ibovespa starts at the end with a picture of the Glen, but it does not. Avoids a drop of 2.6% per week


SOME PAUL – After two continuous reductions, the Ibovespa left far from achieving the 100,000 points expected, the market is mentions his / her promise despite the day that his / her; giving overseas attention and very good news. Despite this, the index has gotten strength in the final part of the trading session, helped with rallying shares Vale (VALE3), a & # 39; high hitting day.

The Ibovespa closed 0.99% higher at 95,343 points, having dropped 1.04% at the low rate of the day. The financial amount is R $ 16.149 billion. Despite this high at the end, the cluster can not drop 2.57% in the & # 39; her first negative week of the year.

The dollar contract reached March 0.47% came to R $ 3,739, and the commercial dollar closed with 0.63%, announced at R $ 3.7340 in sales. With this new new, the money closed this week with a value of 1.89%.

Even last year's last year, the market worried about the health situation of Jair Bolsonaro after anecdotes about fish, this Friday, the more advanced information. The president was on the nasopastric tube and the drainage removed today due to the development of his / her determination and his / her; Adopting the liquor diet taken.

The market fears that Bolsonaro can extend the time to deliver a & # 39; new pension reform project canceled. So, investors will keep track of every medical journal, and # 39; Try to make a project when the government is able to register a reform bill in the Transport.

In the economic calendar, there was inflation in January that was measured by its; Consumer Price Index (IPCA) was accelerated from 0.15% to 0.32% compared to December and reached 3.78% in its & # 39; collection in the last 12 months. This yield was lower than the midpoint expectations of the Bloomberg survey, which resulted in an increase of 0.37% against December and an annual change of 3.82%.

With its acceleration in service prices to & # 39; confirming the expectation of Willow which was maintained at 6.50%, its condition arose in January 2021, 7 fundamental points to 7.22%, length & # 39; The contract for January 2023 advanced 7 points to 8.33%.

In corporate news, gu Open Vale (VALE3) left in Barão de Cocais (MG) – 100 km from Belo Horizonte – in the last round with an ANM (National Mineral Industry) decision after a consulting company refusing the structural stability. Around 500 people will be moved and, according to their company, damaged checks are checked and cascading as an obstruction step.

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Despite radar that's & # 39; a miner, the G1 had access to statements from outside staff and carers who were arrested after the accident in Brumadinho and reported that the sense of the dam damaged structure was 25 January to read "unusual" on the 10th of January.

According to a released drowning qualification, the readings showed that if the piezometer was not in trouble, "it would indicate that the dam would be in trouble."

The highest rise is one of the sections that comprise the Bovespa index:

Code. Active Cot R $ Day % Year Vol1
SBSP3 SABESP AIR 42.19 +6.09 +33.94 256.78M
RENT3 LOCATE AIR 33.28 +4.79 +11.87 269.70M
VALE3 News 43.16 +3.78 -15.37 2.03B
BRAP4 BRADESPAR PN 27.12 +3.47 -12.65 114.55M
CSNA3 NATIONAL SID 9.85 +3.47 +11.43 115.00M

The biggest casualties are, among the papers that comprise the Bovespa index:

Code. Active Cot R $ Day % Year Vol1
QUAL3 EVENING THIS 15.16 -2.88 +17.61 44.46M
ABEV3 AMBEV ONLY 18.22 -2.83 +18.47 702.91M
LOGG3 LOG WITH PROPON 05.05 -1.90 +0.17 8.48M
KLBN11 KLABIN S / A UNT N2 19.26 -1.73 +21.28 70.85M
MRFG3 MARFRIG AIR 5.93 -1.66 +8.61 26.18M

The most popular stocks, including Bovespa's archives, are:

Code Active Cot R $ Var% Vol1 Vol 30d1 Neg
VALE3 News 43.16 +3.78 2.03B 1.57B 72.506
ITUB4 THE WORKSHOP 37.31 +2.14 1.14B 902.28M 53.231
PETR4 PETROBRAS PN N2 25.13 +0.16 1.01B 1,40B 39,353
BBDC4 A BRADESCO PN EJ 44.67 +1.06 825.12M 662.05M 35,331
ABEV3 AMBEV ONLY 18.22 -2.83 702.91M 468.48M 42,809
BBAS3 AIR BRAZIL 51.73 +0.14 520.22M 548.01M 24,883
ITSA4 PN ITAUSA 13.23 +3.20 502.76M 356.09M 37,327
B3SA3 B3 AIR 31.33 +1.06 397.38M 393.31M 27,996
LREN3 RENNERON SHOES 43.50 +0.35 382.60M 175.49M 21.929
SUZB3 SUZANO PAPELON 47.96 -1,36 321.38M n / a 20,186

* – A thousand miles
1 – In Reais (K – Thousands | M – Millions B – Billing)

World Trusts
The US's sales schedules are lower against global trade concerns. Larry Kudlow, the economic support of White House, said that the United States and China have not long been a trading contract closure yesterday, a & # 39; looking for markets there the previous day.

In addition, there is likely to be no meeting between Donald Trump and President of China Xi Jinping before the end of the disaster in the war between countries, ends this month. It was asked when the Oval Office had a event if there was a meeting by 1 March, Trump said "it is not".

Concerns about world-wide growth also emphasize the behavior of investors after the European Commission has; express their disturbance to their statements for economic growth as it faces several domestic challenges as well as global trading accidents.

European stock markets are a relatively strong trade and Asian stock markets have dropped further concerns about the China-United States military war. If agreement is not reached, it means that the Trump government will pay more than Chinese results.

It is worth remembering that China's stock market is still closed this week due to Year & New Moon and Hong Kong market returned to work today after the four days of holidays.

Oil prices are declining gradually as a result of global growth and uncertainty about trade problems between China and the United States.

Overwhelming revenue has risen by more than 5% to the highest level since 2014, and is worried that the emerging emergencies will be at risk. reducing global provision, tightening the sea market and its tightness; including a slow influence on China, the largest ferry operator.

Goldman Sachs warned that Brazilian provision could "be a big break" in the short term, and prices should be high and accessible, because other parts can not be changed quickly enough to The shortage is made, according to the bank's report.

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