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Infantino getting Europeans at Club World and promising more prizes for women | international football

Since his election as FIFA president three years ago, Gianni Infantino from Italy has tried to change the world's football: he has extended the World Cup to 48 teams (he's was seen in at least 2022 or just in 2026) and was created by the World Clubs Competition, which is played by 24 clubs every four years, from 2021. At the same time, world football is the oldest still suffer from persistent problems, gender inequality and the amount of energy growing in Europe's rich clubs, which challenge the FIFA authority.

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In an exclusive interview with him About Me held in the morning of Rio de Janeiro, Infantino spoke of his achievements and obstacles, which had ensured the European clubs compete for the new World Club cup and promising to reduce the difference in awards paid to women and men. With good humor at the 30 minutes of the interview, director “Chinese Xi Jinping” and Vladimir Putin as the best politicians of football, said Donald Trump is "learning" and one candidate in the competition. T re-election of FIFA. , in June, there is “recognition for work”. Here are the main phrases from the interview.

Like Mr evaluating his three years as president of FIFA?
The others must say what we do. Today Fifa is an honorable organization again. We have been working hard for the last three years. We organized the World Cup in Russia. We introduced the VAR, a technology that has been spoken about years and years. We have invested in football; in the next four years we will invest US $ 1.7 billion. And this year the Women's World Cup is in France.

What are you doing? I would have done that and didn't?
I don't know. It's complicated. The problem is that I don't have enough time for everything I want to do. We also decided to create a new World Cup Club with first published in 2021. However, it is true that we need far more to invest more investment, particularly outwith Europe. And that gives a lot of work.

Brazil did not deserve three of the last four U20 World Cups. Is this subject to the FIFA?
No. Other countries are also working on football development. […] This is great for football. […] With the talent of this country for football, I don't think it's a problem. If not, we will augment the number of touring teams so that Brazil can be (laughs).

Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, in an interview in Rio de Janeiro - Photo: Martin Fernandez / GloboEsporte.comGianni Infantino, president of FIFA, in an interview in Rio de Janeiro - Photo: Martin Fernandez /

Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA, in an interview in Rio de Janeiro – Photo: Martin Fernandez /

Only now has Brazil received money from the World Cup Legacy Fund. Why has it taken so long?
Everyone knows. He believed that there was an emergency, a very good situation in Brazil [os últimos três presidentes da CBF foram acusados de diversos crimes de corrupção pela Justiça dos EUA no “Caso Fifa”]. And also what happened at Fifa. So we needed the promises, to comply, to rule. We have been working hard with CBF and now we are confident that this 100 million dollars will be invested in football.

What are you doing? awaiting Rogério Caboclo as head of CBF?
We know Rogério. He is a young leader, and indeed we want him to succeed. Success for Selection for CBF, for Brazil in the sports results, but also in the structure. And we can help everything that we can. Because FIFA needs Brazil strong.

Everything in recent years meant that Brazil wasn't strong?
There is always Brazil. It's a power. But we also saw the [maus] youth outcomes and the latter, not all special. After all, I think it is important to turn the page around. Express not only Brazil, but the whole world, what Brazil can do.

Infantino talks about women's football: "more =" "important =" "cache =" "the =" base = "" em = "world"

Infantino talks about female football: "Investment in the foundation of the world is all the more important"

The number of particularly important women in football is still very low. When will this increase?
It is increasing. Piano to piano [pouco a pouco] as they say in Italian (laughing). However, it is important to signal. FIFA needed more than a hundred years of history for a woman to become a general secretary. There are a number of congregations who welcome women. I think the Women's World Cup this year is changing a lot of the view of women in football. And we are in FIFA prepared.

Fatma Samoura, your secretary-general, still faces in football?
The football world is a private world. A world of men [acentua um sotaque latino]. Of the men who see a woman, an African, Muslim, in Fifa's important situation, still appears with … t [e balança a cabeça]. But Fatma works well, we work together.

FIFA pays $ 400 million in prizes for men's World Cup and $ 30 million in the World Cup for women. Even by warning that they are different industries, the distance is not too great.
Yes it is. At this year's Women's World we closed from $ 15 million to $ 30 million in prize money. And also, there is $ 20 million for preparing the teams. So it's not $ 30 million, but $ 50 million. Is it enough? No. Not enough. We will work to be bigger? Of course. But in women's football there are deposits all over the world. If today FIFA needs to decide where to put money for women's football, it is more important to invest money in the center around the world in 1, 2, 3 or 5 million. promote an award to countries where women are football. Development is more important.

In this context, why did the League of Nations not advance to women?
We have been talking about this project from 2017, two years ago. The proposal was a little quick [que foi recusada pelo Conselho da Fifa em 2018]. But we let them back, indeed, because it is important that women's football improves. We need to create conditions for women's teams to improve and this is what we are doing with the creation of the League of Nations.

The South American talent's destinations for Europe are beginning earlier and earlier. What can FIFA do about it?
This is a very important and important problem for the future of football. In the last 20 to 30 years Europe has been working to develop clubs. And in other countries he worked to get young people out and money inside. As a result, we have only very few world-class clubs, all in Europe, with very few world-class teams in Europe and also Argentina, which also has world class teams. Brazil and Uruguay. We need to create ambitious projects so that not only 5 or 10 clubs, or 5 choices that can be won. But there are 50 clubs and 50 national clubs all over the world. And of these 50 clubs, 20 will be in Europe, 30 outside Europe. Brazil has an amazing history, indeed, in club football. So I can't see why Brazilian clubs such as Fluminense, Flamengo, Santos, Palmeiras, Corinthians, Vasco may not have the players; or Neymar tomorrow needs to decide whether to play for Barça or PSG, but also, for, for Flamengo, Fluminense, Santos or Palmeiras. We need to invest in club football around the world.

Infantino says that there is a serious problem between clubs in Europe and the rest of the world  t

Infantino says that there is a serious problem between clubs in Europe and the rest of the world t

Like Mr do you see the sustainability of Europe's rich clubs? In public, they say that they will not take part in the World Cup.
[suspira] In the end, everyone will be involved. But the World Cup is just one important answer. It is only one side of a much more important project that is developing club football around the world. It has been normal for those who have worked well in the last 20 or 30 years to follow the quality of the benefits they have won. But the work of Fifa, the president of FIFA, has to make world football. And European clubs will also enjoy the sport if China has stronger football, Brazil, the USA than it is today. We have to work for it.

Football continues to pursue racism and prejudice. Clearly, financial penalties are not working. How can you deal with this problem?
Yes, there are other ways. Education is the most important thing. We need to repeat, reiterate and report again that we are opposed to racism and discrimination. It is a problem in society and football problem in a number of countries. Their job is to Fifa, Conmebol, CBF, to play all the clubs and leagues. We need to build strong indicators. The referees have the option of stopping the games. We need to support people who provide these strong indicators. And, if this isn't enough, you'll have sanctions. Can not be economic, but fun.

Infantino talks about racism in football: "= = = = =" = = = "= =" =

Infantino talks about racism in football: "We need to provide strong signals"

Isn't it the wave of nationality in some parts of the world that is associated with this problem?
Yes of course. Even though football was picked up slightly on nationalism, about supporting the team in your city. And that's right. What it is wrong is not the insurance. It is a question of mind. Throughout the world, nationalism, violence, disaffection, and consideration of the other person's views are not tolerated. FIFA is a global organization and we must open the mind a little, be more resilient, understand also that football has great implications – for which you can criticize the other team – but always with respect.

Of all the landlords, kings, queens and world leaders you have met, which one understands football more?
(laughs) Tomorrow [hoje] I'm going to see Brazil's president, is it the most sensible thing? The president [Donald] Trump learns because his son is playing football. President Xi Jinping's president is passionate about football. President Putin arrived from Russia after the World Cup became a full football fan. I think we're in good hands in football.

Donald Trump and Gianni Infantino at the White House - Illustration: AFPDonald Trump and Gianni Infantino at the White House - Illustration: AFP

Donald Trump and Gianni Infantino at the White House – Illustration: AFP

Mr. meet President Jair Bolsonaro, who supports Palmeiras. In Brazil this theme is taking pride: Mr. Discussing the Palmeiras World Cup in 1951?
We have already decided that we will win the World Cup hero title for all winners of the World Cup. [Intercontinental] between Europe and South America since 1960. 1951 is a little further back. Let's talk to President Bolsonaro and our solutions will be [risos]. But Palmeiras can win the next World Cup, why not?

Gianni Infantino talks about the subject "world = =" "= =" "= =" "= =" "=

Gianni Infantino talks about the topic "Palmeiras World": "Let's see what we will have"

Today, two months into the decision, what is the 2022 option for the 2022 Cup?
Today it cannot be said. This is a project we see with Qatar. The World Cup, however, is not an easy task of organizing 48 teams from Qatar. We talk to him [países] Qatar neighbors and let us see. 100% is sure to have a world cup, at least 32 or 48 elections, and we'll see.

In the World Cup with 48 elections each will consist of 16 organizations with three elections. In that form, teams receiving two entrants into the organizational level will be classified as slaughter. It is not an encouragement for defense games?
Not necessary. If all three teams are linking their two games, there will be some problems. There are always questions, and we need to examine them all. We are in Brazil, I am Italian, and in 1982 Italy is working out with three teams. Anything can happen in football. I believe the World Cup with 48 teams will be a lot more exciting today, as today it will be a bigger step than it is. We start with 48 teams, then 32, then 16 … football is the only sport in the world where anything can happen. Large losses can occur, some can benefit. It can be between 1 and 0 at the last minute.

Infantino is not taking the World Cup with 48 choices, but it believes in an amazing world in Qatar.

Infantino is not taking the World Cup with 48 choices, but it believes in an amazing world in Qatar.

Mr. become an advocate for Fifa. The president of the CBF was elected as one candidate. President Conmebol was elected as one candidate. Isn't it better when there are debates about opinion, alternative proposals?

Sometimes it is recognition of one work as an acknowledgment. I was a candidate three years ago with four other candidates. We are working and the results are there. The most important thing is the projects. No football person needs to be the president simply because it is the president. But to develop world football. Over time I will do this with clear projects, investment, male and female competitions for clubs and teams. And when I don't have more projects, they take them away for sure.

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