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Introducing Sampaio Valentina at the start of the Olavo in the Seven Guardian · TV News

Aguinaldo Silva used his social network to tell Sampaio (Marcello Novaes) airrestina Valentina (Lilia Cabral) Seventh Guardian. In his Instagram, the author of the nine Globe novels rewritten a little bit of the scene to be signed in at the beginning of May, the last month of his history exhibition.

"Olavo [Tony Ramos] orders Sampaio: 'Take this wife! & # 39; And Sampaio is putting the cuffs on Valentina. Chapter 151! "Arsa Aguinaldo Silva pictured in the picture posted on Wednesday (10), catching a glimpse of the final piece of the novel. T

The last chapters of the Seven Sisters will circulate around the strange mysterious player who started attacking the well's defenders. after that Axle (Milhem Cortaz) is found dead, time comes Feliciano (Leopoldo Pacheco) and Milu (Zezé Polessa) to murder.

Olavo tries to defend Murilo (Eduardo Moscovis) who is convicted of the crime, passes on to Sampaio to take tests if needed, but the cat will continue to help with helping. Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso) to protect the worst effects and protect the whiskey.

Another secret is that it is necessary to find in the chapters later on by Judith (Isabela Garcia) in the society. She will be responsible for finding out who follows her well as a guardian.

The teacher is aware that the mark looks like a cat's back is just as well as Gabriel and Murilo. She will not appear to the chief, who will fear the worst will happen, as she cannot protect the wonderful well.

"Nothing happened to the wife of a coincidence or coincidence. It wasn't as much as he suffered in the hole in the cupboard and he came to the well; on his back Judith.

The mystery will continue around the maiden's house. He also appears to have worked at the place when she was just 15, before Egídio (Antonio Calloni) became the head of the brother.

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