It is meant that older people will be saved after spending the night with them in fossa in Otacilio Costa.

Firefighters Otacilio Costa, in Santa Catarina mountain, rescued a man from 65 on the Sunday morning slump (31). The old man spent the night in the well, which is in the back of his house. He was taken to Santa Clara Hospital.

The Fire Brigade was mobilized around 9am. The neighbors said they got, in the morning, the headless man but out of the hole. According to the rescuers, the pit is about one meter deep.

According to reports from neighbors, the old people had reached the house, which is in the town of Lageadinho, a motorcycle around 10pm on Saturday (30). He asked a young man to help him walk to the dwelling house, but when he got there he said that he could go alone. It is believed to be on the way he fell, spending the night within the well.

The rescue was made by two agents. The old man came out with mud and was breathing.

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