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Lack of security allows the town to enter the favela, and alligators are still unaffected

The Environmental Patrol, a group of Rio City Hall, claimed that it was not possible to collect fragile fingers at Rola Favela in Santa Cruz, West Zone in Rio, due to a "strong attendance" organized crime. community. As a result, the animals are still widespread in the area. They were built at a site of Frederick Street in the local community called Rola I and fled when a wall collapsed on the site as a result of the water.

Information about the fall of the wall released the cereals was revealed by local residents on social networks and ratified by the Department of the Environment.

“Seconserma tells us that this time of July 1746 had been the result of this request and that it was recorded as a wall fall and sent back to the Civil Defense. As regards the abandonment of the Allergies, the Environmental Patrol team was deployed to put the request for the recovery of animals in the table up, "said the briefing yesterday on Tuesday. T

"I saw that the wall collapsed there. Two people have found out about pedestrians on the doorstep," wrote one on social networks. Local residents have said that it is 'the pride of the year', and that many years have been used with capigbaras.

Near the site, Leandro Ramos Pereira, 40, died Monday after being saved trying to save furniture from his house during the floods that hit the town. He lived alone.

A Santa Cruz page page contains a list of points of gift in the community. These include Our Lady of the Conception Mother Church, the Foursquare Gospel Church, Top Rio, the Blessed Fashions shop, Zélia Carolina School of Silva Pinho, São Benedito Church, the Wesleyan Methodist Church, the Cathedral of God Assemblies. Areia Branca and Barber's shop in Granada.

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