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Lava Jato in SP expresses Lula for a laundry of R $ 1 million in a business in Guinea Equatorial

Commercial skid

Lava Lava Action Group in São Paulo sent the old president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva for the cash cleansing crime. According to his complaint, Lula used his international reputation and influenced President Teodoro Obiang's findings at Guadhair a & # 39; Guinea Monasteries, which led to the business of Brazilian ARG group in that African country. Alternatively, the $ 1 million president was secured in the form of a donation from the company to the Lula Institute.

In addition to Lula, the RGG regulator, Rodolfo Giannetti Geo, has set out a Federal Police Ministry for crimes affecting traffic in international commercial transactions and cash vowels. The events were scheduled to take place between September 2011 and June 2012. As Lula is over 70 years old, the crime of peddling has decreased, but not for the businessman.

According to the Ministry of Public Affairs, the evidence of the criminal conviction was sent by his / her; MPF was found in the Lula Institute e-mail, which was captured in research and arrest held at the Lula Institute in March 2016 in Operation Aletheia, the 24th degree of Operation Lava Jato de Curitiba.

In an email dated 5 October 2011, Lula Development Minister, Miguel Jorge, told Clara Ant, director of Lula Institute, that the old leader had told him that I would like to talk to Geo about his & # 39; company in Guinea Equatorial. According to the old minister, his company was willing to make "very important" financial support to the Lula Institute.

In May 2012, as a result of these links, Geo will have a " submit to Clara Ant by e-mail from Teodoro Obiang to Lula by e-mail and asks for a date to be registered to meet the old president and first. He also informed the institution's director that he would return to Guinea Ecuatorial on May 20 and would like to respond to Lula to Obiang.

Lula wrote a letter dated May 21, 2012 to Obiang in which he called a telephone call between them and believed that the country could enter the Communities of the Future of the Portuguese Countries. The letter was sent to the President of Guinea-Christian by Rodolfo Geo.

In the letter that Lula introduced, he tells Obiang that Geo is running Arg, "a company who has been familiar with Christianity since 2007, particularly in roadbuilding". In the analysis of the data held at the Lula Institute it was a recording of the R $ 1 million bank transfer with the ARG to its establishment on June 18, 2016. Receipt issued by the institution on the one day and also accepted "gift" records of the value.

For MPF, it's not a donation, but pay for Lula because the old president of Brazil has been the president of another country in fulfilling his duty. Since the contribution made by the ARG was the payment, the registration of fraud as a false contribution is artificial and not only is illegal to hear illegal money, so It is an offense of money cleaning.

According to the MPF note, a case was posted; including the Lula Institute to the Federal Court of São Paulo by the order of the proprietor Operation Lava Jato, Sergio Moro. The investigation is ongoing in the 2nd Federal São Paulo Court, which is specialized in financial crimes and cash vowels, which will investigate MPF's complaint.

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