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President Jair Bolsonaro agrees to amend changes in the Pensions Reform proposal – a & # 39; Reviewing Ongoing Benefit Benefits (BPC) and reducing the minimum age for women to 60 years – sharing ideas from party leaders House heard on Thursday, (28) with the G1South Westerly

Some of the leaders thought Bolsonaro had a positive proof because they felt that this would be helpful with his / her. praise. There were also those who understood as a negative signal when the president was introduced who could be included in some points even before the proposal starts to & # 39; process.

Priority consideration by the economic team, the application with changes in the retirement regulations was issued last week to the # 39; National Congress. However, it should only begin to post-Carnival processing, Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), which was scheduled for 12 March.

At a breakfast with journalists at Palácio do Planalto, Bolsonaro gave him the changes, Despite that the meaning of the text was maintained.

President Jair Bolsonaro agrees to reconcile pension reform points

President Jair Bolsonaro agrees to reconcile pension reform points

For a larger leader of the Chamber, made up of 11 parties, Mr Elmar Nascimento (DEM-BA), Marking Bolsonaro "as a result of his talk" with the parliamentarians this week. Depending on, these changes will help, if they happen, in the process in the # 39; Of Congress.

"I think it's the result of his talk to us. These changes make it easier for us here in the Transport. B & # 39; These are the main points about our mountain [do DEM]In the West of Rest, there is an emphasis on the beneficial corporations. There [Bolsonaro] he must pay for it, if not, to eliminate the reform, "said Nascimento.

In a & # 39; Head of PSB, Leas Tadeu Alencar (PE), the statements on Bolsonaro have been told to the government that it is essential to talk to the Congress.

"At a time when the government is changing its ability to change, and I hope it will provide for a broad and deep debate. I think it's very advanced and it will definitely be easier to process, "he said.

Head of PPS, Daniel Coelho (PPS-PE) confirm that the House has changed the proposed changes to the BPC and that the statement on Bolsonaro goes on to the conversation.

"I think this is the beginning of a negotiation process and other points, from now on, will also be discussed," he said.

For the Government headquarters in Transport, Joice Hasselmann (PSL-SP), Bolmanaro's statements show that he has a statutory power of power; Legislation "as a result of the reform".

But she warned that changes in the text could cause the loss of the economy to be created by the new regulations.

"I spoke to the economic team shortly after its president's statements. What the president wants to make explicitly has the power of the National Congress and that has a constitutional power power to make the necessary changes in the reform, "he said.

Ask if the statements would be to # 39; indicate empty or spilling the text, MP replied:

"What the president is making a message to the parliamentarians is willing to speak, that the government is willing to communicate with the National Congress, which will not be sent out. And the National Congress, in general, will leave its digital in this project, "he said.

An Mrs Bia Kicis (PSL-DF) going on the same line. According to her, the best strategy is to allow Congress to "make necessary changes".

"I think the president has been in this House for a long time and is worried about the people's opinion, but I think the best strategy is to let him The House made the necessary changes, "he said.

O Novo's head, Marcel Van Hattem (RS), said he did not think it would be a good thing for the government to step down before it began to debate parliamentary pension reform.

"I do not think it's really optimistic, that you will be introduced before submitting the debate here at the National Congress. Now, again, it is a option of the president. We will now save the current points to the reform, in fact, to address the special commission. "

The party also stressed that it is important to maintain the level of economic and expectations of the change in regulations.

"It needs to be a big economy because it is a reform that opposes fiscal dysfunction, but also has to fight the inequality generated by the Brazilian social security system," he said.

For the PP leader in the Chamber, Deputy Arthur Lira (AL), the BPC has a case and with the retirement of the farmer "can not be agreed" in the House. However, Bolsonaro statements do not "" help or restrict its reform process. "

He also asked that he would have more communication with his / her; Of Congress. For that, he did not have a government communication before adding the proposal to the legislation.

"If the conversation had been working on the way we suggested, it was not for that concert, as there would be a more frequent text in Congress," he said.

Head of PSOL, Deputy Ivan Valente (SP) he said that the president had indicated that he had "been already recognized as in the Representative Chamber" and that the government must commit in other points.

"There are not even 50 votes in it. It needs to be a great deal of recovery since this reform is very difficult for most of the Brazilian workstation," he said.

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