Mega-Sena Competition 2,142: none in the six dozen and the prize is $ 52 million | Lotteries


None of the sixteen of the 2,142 competitions held this Saturday (13) were held in Botucatu (SP). The award has accumulated and can pay R $ 52 million in the next photo.

See tenses: 07 – 40 – 44 – 50 – 52 – 57.

The bank had 65 wins; each one carries R $ 55,484.51. A total of 5,028 other votes were struck by the court; each one gets R $ 1,024.68.

Pledge to Mega-Sena

Bets can be sent to 7:00 (Brasilia) on the day of the photo, at any rally in the country or online. The minimum bet is $ 3.50.

The likelihood of success in each competition depends on the number of dozens played and the type of betting that is played. For a simple bet, with just six six, and a price of R $ 3.50, the chance is for a 1 million prize winner in 50,063,860, according to Caixa.

Already for a maximum of 15 tents (top), with a price of R $ 17,517.50, the prize is 1, 10,003 the probability that the winner will win.

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