NASA will lose communication with small satellites after a busy mission

For the first time in 2018, NASA decided to put two CubeSats on a mission outside the windows. Their intention is to demonstrate them for their effectiveness and ability in deep research. Unfortunately, from the end of December (2018) and early January (2019), its space organization does not; communicate with satellites. And the reason is not completely illuminated.

It is a type of ordinary "miniature" satellite in CubeSat, a large box size of granite, used in spatial research. The missing CubeSats who receive two MarCO certificates, named EVE and WALL-E, are honored by Pixar film science directors. They were issued with the InSight module on the resolution of the Red Planet on May 5.

On November 26, InSight started landing on the ground on Mars, and the MarCO satellites placed land level to Earth. At NASA, the team responsible for the mission was very happy to continue inSight in almost real, unavoidable steps without EVE and WALL-E. There was also a bigger spacecraft that collected data on the Insight on Mars attack, but did not; long so that it could make efficiency compared to the two satellites. For a group, it is crucial to recover as soon as possible; as possible when you are going to land to detect and try to solve errors.

The two satellites' partnership came to an end just after arriving at InSight. Every test, with EVE and WALL-E had gone through praise. According to MarCO, it was able, in a great way, to prove the potential of its technology. Then the soldiers stayed in an orbit around the sun for about a month, so that communication with Earth was broken: a & # 39; first one and, a week later, the other one.

So far, we do not know what happened, although there are some of the assumptions. It is possible that the electric probes, or the gas that they needed to destroy the antennas, would have electric stops and point out that Earth could go down and end. Despite the antennas that we face in detail, communication can become capable. It is another chance that satellites have moved so far away from the sun that they have been able to locate and find it; turn their panels to attack the star to solve. If that's the reason, in August, they should be closer to their sunshine, with its ability to find and, therefore, reinstate communications with NASA.

However, even though the two CubeSats have never been seen, the "actress" was very important to the sphere group. To get an idea, InSight will cost $ 830 million while both were built with a budget of just $ 18.5 million. For this reason, NASA is already expecting to use the same technology in the future, with these very small satellites serving as a means of communication between deep space and Earth.

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