Nene includes a disappointment in the farewell farewell of the year in Morumbi


Midfielder Nenê showed plenty of relief for her & # 39; lost penalty in the tour without a visit to Sport Mondays at Morumbi. Tell the shirt 10 to reporters in the miscellaneous zone of the playground to understand the anger of the fans, to submit to him when Tréllez was replaced shortly after the visitor Mailson spoiled his night.

"I had a very busy golf course. It was very good at the punishment that hit me. I know it's a football stuff, it's happening. It's wrong who is. This is not the trip or the event. I tried to turn my leg and I did not finish it. When I saw it, the keeper dropped to that side, "he explained.

Nenê was throwing the lead in 29 minutes after the clogging of Clòudio Winck on Everton inside her & # 39; box. "I look at the keeper and when he fell, I tried to take the other side. When I saw it, when I went to the next. hitting her member, I saw that he was falling and at the last end I finished losing his / her. This was the worst punch that hit I've never been in my life, "he said.

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As Nenêr did not convert the penalty, São Paulo stayed in her; fifth in the British Championship and did not enter the G4. With one end at the end, the team adds to the same 63 pounds of the Greaming, but it is behind to be smaller.

"I feel very bad. I understand and fully add to the São Paulo fan. I am the worst person with this one. , I am the person who wanted to do the target and help my companions, "he mourned.

"I do not know what I say because I'm willing to think, & hey, it's not possible! How did this happen? And I'm feeling bad and I'm worried. The attraction was also because I lost this sentence, "he said.

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After his game, he was served by a coach André Jardine to give Nene, who was also defended by a news conference. "He said he was with me, that he was a part of it. She caught me and took hold of her hands. I need to thank him and every co-worker who gave me this strength," he said.

However, Nene still has an opportunity to solve her at the end of the season. Next Hail, at 5:00 p.m. (Brasília), São Paulo will end up to # 39; participating in the Brazilians against Chapecoense, away from home.

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