Newspapers 5 Marks Your Group is missing on an element

Your year is almost over and you're already willing to, & # 39; feeling half-down and affecting the income? According to nutritionist and researcher Aline Quissak, these may indicate that your body needs help; that is, he must "restart" to return to work correctly. "It's an operating device in our body. When she's over, she starts to show signs that need help We need to be aware of these signs to avoid further problems, "he said. Below are the five signs that your body needs a crisis ready:

1) Lack of sleep

Due to high levels of concerns before bed and the problem of relaxing and relaxing, making melatonin (sleep hormone), you feel that your body is a n; complaint. The effects? Unprofitable day, lack of convergence, moodiness and frustration that can affect your social relationships.

2) Stiallan gets caught

This is also a warning! Limited disease is a problem in health. After that, we need to put "break out" every day. Not only by feeling good, but also by replacing poisonous bacteria from the stool; stop in the hill, Perhaps to continue to be harder problems like to # 39; removal or even biofuel disease.

3) A great desire for sweets and pasta

This is a way of telling us that the hormone is high and unprotected. As well as being disturbing to maintaining / losing a healthy weight, as we eat more than we should, we will still be in a position; lose independence to choose what we want to eat. When the hormone is "scratched" in our head, it has control and can even surrender eating.

4) hormonal disorders

This happens by going to & # 39; We collect toxins and fat in our body, and this can move to libido shades and decrease. Often, good nutrition, which helps to clean these toxins, is not only good quality, not only the quality of life of the individual, but also the effects caused by that irregularity.

5) Difficulty with weight loss

We know that we need physical activity, emotional balance and food re-education to lose weight in a healthy way. However, even when a patient finds this route, it changes its climate and is still experiencing difficulties; – Your body may have to be broken down. The reason? A metabolic plane, which is not bigger than your body with problems to make chemical reactions as a result of toxins.

According to nutritioners, our liver is one of the organizations that are responsible for the release, and we will carry out its output; this natural process. However, our metabolism is not ready to deal with as many toxins as we open today. "The group usually produces a natural immersion process, but is not ready for our toxins to be used today. Poisoning, medication, pollution, toxins are caused by stress, disturbance, not to describe the colors and chemicals present in most of the foods we use every day. So he needs help, "he says.

In order to express this process of protocol, Aline proposes complete protection protocols, which need to be developed by a specialist according to each patient. "Much more than the well-known, greasy starter debris begins to start a complex process that requires a continuation of a nutrition. We talk about sums and unions of special nutrients such as complex B vitamins, coenzyme Q 10, amino acids and special antioxidants that help the patient's body, "a & # 39; add to the expert.

If your body sends these warnings, ask for help. But your products can be removed from the ordinary, especially those that have a list of the devices that you do not know as food. Introduce more fruit and vegetables, organic organs, and use extra olive oil as the main fat store from preparing food. These changes already help your body to get back

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