Petrobras Pay R $ 7.1 billion for shareholders for the 2018 product

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SO PAUL – Petrobras (PETR3; PETR4) nominated total divisional salary and shareholder interest of R $ 7.1 billion by 2018. The amount equals R $ 0.2535 per department shared shareholding and R $ 0.9225 in each of their preferred categories, JCP consideration, renewal of the sectors and sectors of this Seal.

On Thursday, the company reported a departmental payment of R $ 106.678 million, which is responding to R $ 0.019043 in each of their favorite categories. The updated value of these sections is to the Standard level from 31 December 2018 until yesterday (27) R $ 0.019236. Payment will be made on May 20 and the pre-sectoral sections will be on April 25 on B3 and the ADRs on April 29th on NYSE.

On May 20, a proportion of JCP will also be paid to shareholders who have a Holding general and preferred shares by the Board of Directors on 18 December 2018.

The distribution must still be agreed at the company's AGM on April 25.

The payroll was named when Petrobras named its first annual annual return from 2013 by sending it to " earning R $ 25.8 billion in 2018, as well as an EBITDA registration (which exceeded 6.6% market share) and a free cash flow.

Among the points specified by quarterly quarterly researchers, Petrobras recorded the generation of money after investments and interest payments of R $ 11.3 billion, a level considered positive. The state debt was at R $ 326.1 billion at the end of 2018, a decrease of 7.6% compared to the third quarter, and the net debt ratio decreased to 2.33 times, a rate of 2.96 trips in the third quarter.

How can you enjoy it?

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