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PF will carry out agreements in LA against a criminal group created by managers

Officers will comply with a local court order in the & # 39; Lol

PHOTO: Heliana Gonalves / TV Gazeta

Federal Constabulary, along with the Federal Federal Financial Service (RFB) and the Office of the Federal Chief Executive (CGU), was released on this morning (27), the "visible" level of work "Sesmaria Alagoana ", with a & # 39; aims to eliminate a criminal group that works in several cities within the state, where over 40 judicial orders are issued. It is estimated that R $ 10 million has gone away from the public shows.

Among the towns where the guarantees are carried out, Macei, Boca de Mata, Mata Grande, Branquinha, Campo Grande, Joaquim Gomes, Maravilha, Olho D 'Grande, Pariconha, Rio Largo, Mar sin Luiz do Quitunde, Estrela de Alagoas, Mar sin Miguel dos Campos, Po de Acar and Dois Riachos. The targets would be in criminal offenses (Law N 8666/93), active and remote pollution (articles 317 and 333 of the Criminal Code), cash vowel (Law N 9613/98) and be a criminal group (law N 12850/13), which has the highest sentences beyond 50 years of imprisonment.

In terms of the various studies that have been made, which may be the crimes mentioned, a company is just as dangerous to rent cars to settlements without the essential fleet; distributing accounts for unfilled supplies; barely in number and in the mouth of the preliminary accounts, with the distribution of values ​​among the members of the subsequent criminal group; real estate building and luxurious vehicles, without expressing Federal Finance, to take an unlawful basis of money.

This was achieved by 42 detection and arrest certificates, 3 prior arrest certificates, as well as taking ownership of mobile and mobile ownership, and including excavated vehicles and moving property, as well as farms, so that rehabilitation is possible. with the criminal group. Comments to Police & Investigations will be sent to; going on, and describing Operation Sesmaria Alagoana.

Vehicles captured at the time of the Police Force in Alagoas

PHOTO: Advice

Some of those surveyed were warned against public offices held by court order, as well as being banned to come to their own towns and public bodies.

The contracts are analyzed, to date, which include an estimated value of R $ 80 million, it is & # 39; It was estimated that at least 10 million were taken from the public ceremonies.

Operation Sesmaria accounts have been involved in 175 federal policemen, as well as 9 SQU researchers and 9 of RFB.

Federal Police fulfills more than 40 legal orders

PHOTO: Heliana Gonalves / TV Gazeta


Sesmaria describes customs taken in the time of the Character in the division of the division between private people for research purposes. It is not possible to understand the Colonel's Period without mentioning the Sesmarial System, which was extinguished only after Independence. However, it is felt that the influence of the country's fundamental structure is today.

Quick car detectors and detection

PHOTO: Advice

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