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Scientists say they found the definitive cure & # 39; for cancer

Israeli scientists work on the Biotechnologies Evolution Ecelerated (AEBi) company, established in 2000, saying they have been successful in doing so. Creating the ability of "healthy healing" cancer in less than a year. The report was published by Israel's newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

"We believe we have a complete medicine for cancer within a year, it will be effective from the first day, it will last a few weeks and will not have bad effects, as well as receiving cost lower than most of the market drivers, "says researcher Dan Aridor, board leader AEBi, in an interview for the magazine.

The cure is called multi-target toxin (MuTaTo) and is a type of "antibiotic" against the tumor, according to the expert.

The anti-cancer shape can be based on Soap technology, which includes a & # 39; Includes DNA of protein containing bacteriophage (virus that affects bacteria). This protein is open on the moisturizer surface of the host. Therefore, researchers can exhibit the protons using bacteriophages as a means of interaction with other proteids, with genetic material or with small molecules.

The idea, according to Aridor tells The Jerusalem Post, that the cure is capable of pulling three cancer cells or cells at one time, making it more effective than the drugs currently used, which is usually targeted at one specific target and can be done through methods and metastas (multiplication).

MuTaTo uses a combination of several peptides to simultaneously target all types of cancer cells, related to peptide toxins capable of killing the branch. "We have made sure that the movements do not affect the treatment, the cancer cells may be going on and that the target receptors will be abolished," said the Ilan researcher Morad, CEO of EUBi, also in conversation with the & # 39; Israeli newspaper.

For now, the novel is proven only in gini pigs but the next step is to pass for clinical trials in cancer patients. They did not tell us when this is done.

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