Summer: Learn How to prevent skin diseases in common during this season

It is going to the beach or swimming pool one of the main ways of enjoying summer enjoyment. However, these soft places and bogs also become very useful for fungi and bacteria. It does not have to be left to enjoy the water and sun to avoid unpleasant marriages, just for a & # 39; Caring for the prevention of common skin infections in this season.

Amongst the most common problems include meacan, such as white & white; known as a great deal; geographical damage; erysipelas; folliculitis; sun acne, impetigo (infectious skin disease) and cold nose.

Mycoses Skin

The moisture and heat of fungi spreading, therefore, will not have wet clothes and shoes for too long and a long time; avoiding to divide puzzles, sub-door and swim. It is also important that all parts of the body are thoroughly dry, especially hair and the legs.

And did you know that beef chairs could also be a health hazard? Yes, the chair and moisture plastic may cause skin failures, such as white spot and scaling. It's a problem sitting under a tree or a tree

The dummatologist Murilo Drummond explains that there is another general situation that is currently on the person who is. get ringworm as the white & white print & # 39; known as a general, and a & # 39; Observes the sun the stain.

It is another common ringworm in the summer of dermatophytosis, it is broadcast with a direct connection. After her disease, there are red spots; appear round and start on thatch.

Geographical threat

Its geometric result is caused by the migratory larvae that is & # 39; walking & under human skin. The larvae may be present in dogs' armies and the risk of occurrence is directly linked to the infectious soil. So, the teacher's importance is always to collect his poke and dog. And for those who are on the beach, again, the best friend or friend is the best friend or friend when he comes to sit on his / her; sand.

Skin-like spots on skin are the main symptoms of disease. "Normally, these features are taken wisely, curly and red," said Murlon Drummond. The cure is made with untiring windows.


Erysipelas are a swelling of the skin that can reach a lymphatic vessel. In most cases, the disease is caused by the streptococcus of bacterial infections.

The disease will become more common in summer due to the increase in humidity and heat, leaving many fungi that may cause. "Erysipelas is a cutting disease that can make changes to lymphatic vessels – supportive vessels in drainage in the low game," a & # 39; Brain Caiafa, president of the British British Angiology Association and Rio de Janeiro Soccer Surgeon (SBACV-RJ).


This disease is caused by staphylococcal bacteria and here the moisture and heat are also convicted. It also uses to & # 39; problem solving or hair clipping; more at risk.

Folliculitis is marked by small yellow or red butterbeds, especially in axilla, a & # 39; hair, a plaid and beard.

The picture is usually treated with antibiotic and antiseptic soap. You may also need to avoid epilation.

Solar acne

Sun acne can show days after having a & # 39; get too hot sun. They are a small red lion on the face, stock and shoulders. The knees can be heavy

The use of brick vegetables during the bath in more acute sections of the skin and of brushes and salicylic sausages can prevent and reduce its disease.


Bacterial disease in Impetigo is caused by bacteria staphylococcus aureus no streptococcus pyogenes.

The early stage of the illness is marked by red spots that resemble cigarettes. By becoming increasingly, secretion and creativity can be created or shoes. In this photograph, the disease is very complex.

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Sun is inspired by her & # 39; virus is cold, so there is an increase in summer issues. So the show should be avoided in times of heat of the day, as well as using sunscreen on its & # 39; body, it is essential to insert a balm balm.

How to deal with skin drivers

Pigs are treated by special drugs according to the causal causes. So, it is essential for a doctor to try to make clinical trials to correctly identify the purpose.

"By treating a skin problem such as fungi that may cause the disease to be degraded. Defaults may be inaccurate to eating fungus and giving up the disease , "said the dermatologist.

Drummond says that the patient can often dry a dry skin with a ringworm. One other reason for getting medical attention to address this type of problem

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