SuperVia trains started on São Cristóvão O Dia

Rio de Janeiro – Two SuperVia trains began brutally on a Wednesday morning at São Cristóvão station in the Rio de Janeiro River. The disaster at Deodoro branch, west end, was 6:30 m. A seaman is stored in a hard drive. Seven others were saved in the Municipal Hospital, Souza Aguiar, in the middle, with some injuries.

The 43-year-old journalist, Andréia Mathias, was in the last vehicle of the train, and fell into the ground due to the accident. "Thanks to God it was a great escape," she remembers, who was aboard her & # 39; Central and was released in São Cristóvão, saying that the train did not complete.

An accident started around 6:30 am – Rafael Nascimento / Agência O DIA

According to their first information, the accident happened because he One train left in the middle and another man who stopped in São Cristóvão hit. The first one was not warned to warn the other at the station. There are reports that failure was made in signals and rulers.

The carts of the trains that were involved in the accident were badly damaged, and hitting it; railway wall and spinning. The blow was so strong that the screen was taken out of one of the trains. One was sold out. Three forts of fire fighters were burned to help the victims: Praça da Bandeira, Barracks Central and Vila Isabel.

The 30-year-old Marcielle Delfino said "SuperVia trains" have a "difficult day". She was already experiencing a test on her & # 39; consort. "The stations do not have a stop at the stations, they stop, they do not work in the air, people are going badly, when we do not have to go down in the middle of the railway and the train to the station ", which complain.

The brackets were badly damaged Contact Us

Due to this Wednesday crash, SuperVia said that the Deodoro branch trains are irregular and non-stopping at Praça da Bandeira station outside Deodoro, and at São Cristovão station, in middle of central Brazil. "Passengers are notified by the developer's communication systems. A company is setting up an investigation to determine the cause of the accident," said the referee in a note.

Agetransp (the Public Services Regulation Group issued by Waterway, Rail and Metro Transportation and the State Highway of Rio de Janeiro) stated that the accident could be a criminal offense due to the accident. "In addition to the causes of the accident, a governing body will also examine the appropriateness of the SuperVia support made by the concessionaire to the users and the methods taken to streamline commercial operation of the trains, "he said in a statement.

Videos made at the station show the location on the site; watchSouth Westerly

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