The 5 issues affecting the Monday markets


SOO PAULO – After a month in March with a small 0.18% recording of the cattle market compared to Previdência convictions, April begins with a better expectation of progress in Congress pension reform, the tens who marked the last few weeks by the public debates between the landlords Jair Bolsonaro and the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia.

With the proposal's driver option in the CCJ and an added commitment in the last week of the Minister for Economy, by expanding the reach of government by the Transport, feel more about the redevelopment can help the scholarship t try to re-establish the first 100 mile story set.

Across the country, China's industrial production data generated a wealth of benefits in Asian markets.

1. World Scholarships

China's manufacturing activity data is the highest of the market this morning, with numbers showing the highest rate of growth in eight months. The Chinese unplanned PMI register, which ended in March at 50.5, was compared with a market forecast of 49.5. The news helps investors and fear that the Chinese economy is going to cut.

Yet on the Asian side, exchanges have risen with trade talks between the USA and China, with representatives from both countries meeting in Washington this week. Officials from North America have reported that the Chinese have put forward proposals, such as mobility technologies, which go beyond the commitments set out previously.
The move to reduce the movement between the two biggest global economies and speculation about reduction in US race rates can help to move some of the dangerous properties around the world.

In the goods market, contracts reached the highest level of iron ore contracts in almost two weeks, including more advanced data from industry and China and the reduction in Vale output.
In Europe, which arrived in summer each summer, with stock exchanges in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan and Lisbon, starting from 4:00 am to 12:30 pm in Brazil, Brazil. The consumer price register (CPI) rose by 1.4% in March in the annual comparison, according to Eurostat.

Check market performance, depending on the price of 07:57 (time of Brasilia):

* S & P 500 Futures (US) + 0.62%

* Dow Jones Futures (US) + 0.69%

* Nasdaq Future (US) + 0.91%

* DAX (Germany) + 1.06%

FTSE (United Kingdom) + 0.62% t

* CAC-40 (France) + 0.54%

* FTSE MIB (Italy) + 0.37%

* Hang Seng (Hong Kong) + 1.76% (closed)

* Shanghai (China) + 2.58% (closed)

* Nikkei (Japan) + 1.43% (closed)

* WTI oil + 0.71%, at US $ 60.57 barrel

* Brent raw + 1.18%, at US $ 68.38 barrel

* Bitcoin US $ 4,131, + 0.63%
R $ 16,440, -0.30% (in the last 24 hours)

* Future iron trade contracts on the Chinese stock exchange in Dalian + 4.67%, to 650 yuan (in the last 24 hours)

2. Economic agenda

Brazil's market has led the way to achieving economic activity indicators, which may reflect the economic growth over the first quarter, which ended last week. CNI will outline the national index of what consumers expect, and Markit will give a forecast of a Brazilian business for March, at 10 hours. FGV distributes inflation at CPI-S in March, early in the morning at 8am.

Overseas overseas sales, PMI Zone Euro Euros and PMI Business Markets are also available.

3. Social security

President Jair Bolsonaro's government is entering his fourth month in the office with every focus on moving into his government with the progress of Pension Reform in the UK. Transport.

Researchers and researchers will check parliamentary reports on the text, particularly after the proposal is rammed in the Commission for Constitution and Justice (CCJ), Deputy Representative Marcelo Freitas, with PSL group. T .

It is expected that Guedes will speak at the CCJ next Wednesday on pension reform, which should give the market a better indication of progress that is expected to be made. T

According to information from Valor Econômico, Social Security has gone and the majority are contained in the CCJ. If there was now a vote, the newspaper analysis shows that there would be 35 votes for the CCJ, 21 against and 10 for sure.

4. Charges

On Twitter, President Bolsonaro said over the weekend that the Ministry of Economy is examining the reduction of tax liability on companies in an effort to regenerate the economy, in the United States, with government t Trump.

Subject to his commitment, the reduction in the amount of Income Tax on the Legal Union would be offset by tax on the company's benefits. Bolsonaro states that the degree aims to "overseas inward competitiveness, jobs, cheap goods and competitiveness."

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5. Corporate News

After the last week the financial reporting has been delivered without the impact of the Brumadinho dam at the end of January, investors in 'Vales' should automatically check the price of iron iron that was produced by the Forestry Commission. information about obtaining income from a sale should be obtained, even with a reduction in output. The mechanic's actions may still respond well to the company's shareholders' association, which will identify any register for the board of directors.

Researchers should pay attention to Petrobras, who said at the end of the week that they did not know when and what circumstances were needed to finalize the discussions about the hard work of the Federal Government t discussions with the Ministry of Economy and Energy and Energy.

Sponsors should closely monitor Cemic balance, which has been canceled until Monday. T It is notable that PDG, Equatorial and Celesc spread their numbers in the fourth quarter of last year. In the legal reorganization, PDG noted that there was a massive loss of R $ 130 million in the fourth quarter of last year, bringing a profit of R $ 1.281 billion in the same period of 2017. Last year, R $ 839 million was lost in a building company. .

The UK-wide energy company (CFS), which accounts for over $ 31.3 million in the fourth quarter of last year, returned an earlier year of R $ 4.9 million. A central belt completed the period from October to December of last year with a revised return profit of R $ 290 million, 1% higher than the same period benefits in 2017. Finally, it is Public offers of Multiple Multiple Occupation TAMs in B3 at 3pm

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