The Civil Defense of Joinville will give a warning about outbreak threats

Joinville Civil Defense warned on Monday afternoon (18) for being able landslide in the town. Attention is derived from the water's hydraulic, caused by the recordings of up to 223 millimeters of water between Friday and the second morning. In addition to this, the Civil Defense also tells how there may be more water between the evening and Monday night, which created the warning for residents.

In understanding the organs, the temperatures can be higher this week in rapid waters. The water sizes reached all of their home, and reaching 223 millimeters in the middle, 188 mm in Irrigation, 153 mm in Vila Nova and 124 mm in the Quiriri area. Ten areas in Joinville were flooded and five were flooded.

Usually, the Jativoca area, in Vila Nova, and areas close to the red waters and Rio Cachoeira are those who record the greatest turbulence due to the floods. However, if the water continues as happened over a Monday, new problems are not expected. The situation is investigated by the Civil Defense.

Breakdown and worry

According to Civil Defense, small incidents of flooding, usually caused by drunkenness or excessive water problems, make it difficult for water to go to the water. flowing. The floods are caused by flood water levels and ditches and have larger proportions, being able to attack houses and reach more extensions.

This weekend, an investigation by the Town Hall showed that the areas of Costa e Silva, Santo Antônio, Jardim Paraiso, Centro, Bucarein, Anita Garibaldi, Itinga, João Costa, Vila Nova and Paranaguamirim a & # 39; flooding in some places. Jardim Paraíso, Jardim Sofia, Vila Nova, Morro do Meio and Nova Brasília were the neighbors that were influenced by floods.

Anita Garibaldi, Itinga, João Costa and Comasa, and five other scheduled cottages (Itinga, Vila Nova, Nova Brasilia, Boa Vista and Paranaguamirim).


Joinville Civil Defense Prevention Area Co-ordinator, Maiko Bindermann Richter, affirms that the work is focus on the presence of registered events, which give priority to people at risk or landslide, as they do it; represents the biggest risk.

"The big problem is a landslide. When you notice faults, ground worms, trees and winding walls, the population needs to express a simple conversation – Richter warns.

The Civil Defense also states that the levels of the Cubatão and Águas Vermelhas rivers in the Vila Nova area have decreased in the last hours. Any problem should be reported to the Civil Defense, through emergency telephone number 199, 193 Fire Department or Military Policing 190.

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