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The dollar is falling fourth after that and closes at R $ 3.85

The toll struck in the fourth row in a row, and it finished on Tuesday, 2, down 0.46%, to R $ 3.8567. The US currency went against many emerging countries' money, showing stronger US signals published on Monday, but after a mild morning the true strengthening had come. The move was due to technical factors, such as the removal of more defensive sites of foreign owners, and the influx of external flows, with external funding. In pension reform, investors are waiting for involvement from Economy Minister, Paulo Guedes, in the Constitutional and Justice Commission (CCJ), on Wednesday (03).

Guedes met with a number of political parties during this Tuesday and heard that many legislatures are seeking changes to rural retirement and Continuing Benefit Benefits (BPC) from Social Security text. The government is prepared to accept these points, according to the Secretary of Social and Labor Security, Rogate Marinho. In late afternoon, mayor, Rodrigo Maia, said he was "certain" that these two points would not get "survival" in the Special Commission. Earlier, Fitch Ratings's rating group had warned that there was a danger of not being reformed, which would be badly not only for Brazilian fiscal accounts but could reduce economic growth.

According to Durval Corrêa, one of the points the market examines in the CCJ Guedes partnership, it will be parliamentarians and the minister. "If there is a more natural climate, it can put pressure on the market," he said.

In meetings with investors in the United States, on the East and West coasts, Citi's strategies say that pension reform was the biggest concern encountered at meetings with all t The client review, which took place between 25 and 29. "the process of reform was largely driven over by the time, with issues relating to processing, feasibility, and fiscal impact affecting the debate. t "billion in 10 years."

Investors surveyed by Citi have also pointed out that they think they are looking at the variability of a financial market in the second quarter as the text passes through commissions and promotions. T the mare. An informal inspection of the US bank showed that 62% expect the text to be passed through the Assembly to the third quarter.

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