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Tinder has to pay $ 17.3 million for filming on users over 29

The request Tinder One of the most common practices with anyone who searches "adventure" or even sees it a good option for "love for life." Despite ongoing profits and becoming the source of income for professional staff, company that is the responsibility of the app 17.3 million (~ R $ 65 in just turning) after banishing a case as a result of age discrimination.

According to user Lisa Kim, who is responsible for the case, she said that she was a a matching agency, a group responsible for the application but only buyers by age, since the 29 year olds or more paid $ 19.99 (~ $ 75 in a straightforward version) for her & # 39; "Tinder Plus" plan, and those who did not have the amount to invest only $ 9.99 37 in a straightforward version) within the app.

According to company, b & # 39; It is a price difference to make it easier for a age group, in most circumstances, not having a fixed income to invest in this type of service, but used as anyone else.

"Younger users are so excited about Tinder Plus, but they have more budget constraints and they need a lower price to pull the trigger," he explained one company spokesmanSouth Westerly

Not to accept this situation, Lisa stayed in the court's decision and went to court; seek the impact of the suit. In addition to her girlfriend, more 230,000 people benefit from the advanced product, and its output; The company will pay those people back and still offer 25 "Super Likes" or subscribe to Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus with no expense.

"Super Like" is also a Tail payment paid in 2015. When a "Super Like" user uses, the profile of the person who is interested in the interest, "shortcut" can win a winning way. Super Like at the users is free, as long as there are five supporters, but both additional units can be purchased at any time.

Tinder tax subscription is underwritten, as well as remunerated values ​​for under 21s. There is still no information that these benefits affect Brazil, but anyone who uses the app should look at any new features that will grow up in the coming days.

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