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Vice It's not a common policy film. The film focuses on the life of Dick Cheney (Christian Ballet), one of the most powerful vice president in America all the time. The idea of ​​representation is to show how Cheney's policies have changed the world we know and who is; Using the director's mood Adam Mackay so that this story makes sense.

At the same time he guided him Am Balach Mòr, the film maker was also behind acting as Little brothers and Everything for one dayThe Post This film is much more exciting in the film's earlier work than in the Oscar-winning movie, and it will be funny and quick conversation to leave a character without an interesting charisma in amazing achievement other. Christian BalletSouth Westerly

The actor, as always, has turned to work. In addition to gaining weight and exercising its neck to simplify exercises to the former president of the USA, Bale is particularly resistant in its presence. voice that, as well as getting older with a # 39; passing the long, very monotonous and practical like the one in the picture. However, we see the transformation of a person who did not know what he would do with life for a manipulator who led a country to be a vice president. And it's coming to this point due to two characters: Donald Rumsfeld (Steve Carell) and Lyn Cheney (Amy Adams).

When your main person is without charisma, actors who make the story are always interesting and that the film works well on each. Lyn is introduced as a woman who has more than her husband's dream and is making it a politician and Donald is the person who wants to be there. Both Adams and Carell are broader and more attractive, managing the scenes in which they are involved for much of the film. They are the "Dick Cheney" and, when they are not on stage, the director will using the editor to make the film livelier, especially in the relationship with George W. Bush, living well with Sam RockwellSouth Westerly

The film maker will leave clear evaluations rather than the only investment in the Cheney monster's curiosity. Given that Bush has given him more powers as a post-president, the director will make a difference in fishing and literally showing that the future president of the US is split. This industrial editing helps to & # 39; Attention of public attention in bureaucratic representations, but even so the film may be oppose some observers.

The film speaks a lot about American politics and, as it is Am Balach Mòr, using trials that the majority of the public should not know. It is very special in months, and it is not obvious enough to lose the context of the story. Despite this, the way in which the director shows that Cheney has been a shadow in American politics for years made in such a way that much of the minds of many people open.

Cheney has never been, but he has always controlled the White House away. Because of the delays of sun power, he ordered an attack in Iraq after 2001 and did what he wanted for in the US. The film shows how it dealt with the system for its benefit and became one of the most powerful in the world. The film will light this person and his / her; Help us to understand how the US is in the current situation.

Vice A comedy based on real events that draws on lively editing, sharp scripture and strong scenes to tell American politics in a humorous and at the same time. think.

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