What is more expensive than smartphones in Brazil in 2019?

The smartphones will even be more expensive in Brazil in 2019. To date, there is no news, considering the prices made in the country last year, companies such as Apple and Samsung have shown us cell phones have a cell phone; costs more than seven thousand reais In real cases, such as the 512GB type of iPhone XS Max storage, we can reach the value of 10 miles of reais. So the question is how expensive & # 39; How can tools be this year?

This week, the IDC Brazil market research company has released a survey which is expected to launch launchers with an original price of up to $ 10,000 in 2019. And we do not & # 39; talks about the most powerful change of the iPhone, as this barrier has already Apple's broke last year.

According to Reinaldo Sakis, a research and consulting manager for IDC users' devices, the Brazilian handset market can already be considered and so we will change the way people choose smart phones : "In 2019 we will usually see launching mobile sites that cost $ 10,000 to the ultimate user. And those who buy it because the usual Brazilian already going to a third or a third hand, he seeks improvements to what he is already. "

However, despite the average growth of average phone prices, IDC expects a decline in mobile sales. Producers' income is expected to increase by selling smartphone phones by 18%.


iPhone XS Max

What is the increase expected in mobile phones in 2019?

The prices rise due to the addition of new technologies to the handheld devices. As a larger number of lenses in back camera and advanced features of artificial information; folding cell phones to their & # 39; market and support for 1TB incubation storage capacity; including 5G, in a short time, every manufacturer will try the hardships to stay competitive.

However, the Brazilian mobile market is probably unlikely to share some of the best news stories due to the lack of infrastructure, such as 5G implementation. However, IDC accepts that the national electronic industry is fully accepted, and including smartphones, phones, tablets and PCs, $ 24.5 billion this year.


Flexible screen of new sessions can be offered in 2019

In addition to the new technologies that I describe above, we need to be aware of how well they are; The inner sections of the cell phones are. In these cases, new and more expensive generations of editors and memories, as well as improvements in digital security systems.

Finally, but not only, we need to raise the taxes and taxes on the profit as well as the company's profit on the final value top of the hand-held facilities. In all this, it would mean raising the prices of new generations of smartphones. But how many?

How expensive can tools be in this year?

More expensive phones get more expensive each year, as they get out well. This week, Motorola announced the new Moto G7 and, almost surprisingly, we have reduced the value of the last generation of the Play line to the present day. In 2018, Moto G6 Play released its original price R $ 1,099, and this year is the start-up price of Moto G7 Play R $ 999.

However, we are early in 2019 and the main news has yet to happen. One of the best quizzes in this year will be done in 12 days, when Samsung launches Samsung the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e and Galaxy S10 Plus. The facts are still about how to identify the most complete module in the series, which can count on 12GB of RAM, 1TB of internal storage and support for technology 5G network.

Shortly, on February 20, as Samsung's operators report the prices of the new Galaxy S10, the world will know what to expect from mobile phone prices throughout the year. But now, we can only rely on truths and movements from years to come.

Earlier this year, Jessica Dolcourt, a Cnet channel reporter, compared the prices on smartphones sold in the United States and the United Kingdom between 2016 and 2018. In addition, we will see how values ​​in a two-year cycle, when we are using more technology on most of the time.

Using a & # 39; board as a reference, I created a comparison based on a Brazilian market, which you can see in the list below. In addition to the highest Apple devices, Samsung, LG and Asus, I added the Motorola Moto G series to increase the values ​​in the media sector.

Looking at & # 39; board, in a Brazilian market, Apple, Samsung and Motorola that had a significant increase in prices over the two year period. See:

Freephone telephony index 2016-2018 (Brazil)

2016 (starting price)

2017 (starting price)

2018 (starting price)

% price increase (2016 for current model)


iPhone 7: $ 3,500

iPhone 8: R $ 3,999

iPhone XR: R $ 4.999


iPhone X

– –

iPhone X: R $ 6,999

iPhone XS: R $ 6,999


iPhone Plus / Max

iPhone 7 Plus: R $ 4,099

iPhone 8 Plus: R $ 4,600

iPhone XS Max: R $ 7,799


Samsung Galaxy S

Galaxy S7: R $ 3,799

Galaxy S8: R $ 3,999

Galaxy S9: R $ 4,299


Samsung Galaxy S Plus

S7 Edge: R $ 4,299

Galaxy S8 Plus: R $ 4,399

Galaxy S9 Plus: R $ 4,899


Samsung Galaxy Note

Note 7: R $ 3,999

Note 8: R $ 4,399

Note 9: R $ 5,500


LG G Series

LG G5 SE: R $ 3,499

LG G6: R $ 3,999

LG G7: R $ 3,999


Motorola Moto G

Moto G4: R $ 899

Moto G5: R $ 999

Moto G6: R $ 1,299


Asus Zenfone

Zenfone 3 Deluxe: R $ 3,599

– –

Zenfone 5Z: R $ 2,500


The most important increase was by Apple and its Premium line, which saw a 90% increase in value between 2016 and 2018. This is defined by the overall change in design and hard-working components, in particular of technology. camera and storage capacity. Anyway, they are completely different tools, but realization was very aggressive.

Samsung, on the other hand, has shown a steady price increase in the Galaxy S series, but it's great about the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy Note 9 models. The first time to be removed from the market due to problems with the explosion of the battery. However, just like Apple's case, the 7 hard and hard part parts of Note 7 and Note 9, especially the camera, are completely different. At the same time, Samsung could maintain the home value increase at 37%.

The increase in the value of the transit department was also good as Motorola, reaching a 44% difference in price between Moto G4 and Moto G6.

Finally, you may have noticed that Asus appears to have a negative value in the & # 39; price comparison. Well, that's right, as well as a larger number of the Zenfone 5Z line, although the Zenfone Deluxe has been named with one model, however, Asus is worthwhile trying to offer smartphone with the honest price of the -they. That contributed to a 35% growth in Brazil in 2018. But remember that this is very little.

Does the Galaxy S10 be 13% more expensive than the Galaxy S8?

Looking at the two-year visit, can we say to the next Galaxy S10 that will reach the country around $ 4,500? Yes and not.

It is very difficult to repay it to direct consideration of the price increases in every visit because technological advances in higher cost for producers at this time, rather than the same time last year.

But, watching the facts about the Galaxy S10, we are See, in fact, that the series does not bring a truly innovative knowledge of the market. The screen does not have a rounded note of a new image, as well as its # 39; biological biological on the screen or even three lenses on the back camera. For this reason, the original model of the new two-year line may have a significant increase

In addition, facts about the Galaxy S10 premium amounting to $ 1,012, at today's price, without taxes or fees, up to $ 3,783. So it seems reasonable that the S10 Galaxy can be launched in Brazil from R $ 4,500.

On the other hand, this also has a red light light to be able to create a new section in the & # 39; market, the Super Premium devices that will be more than 10 miles of reais, as is also expected of Galaxy S10 Plus Premium.

Finally, he does not pay more than 5,000 mobile phone reais both, so we need more manufacturers such as Asus, which can be reconsidered and even reduced price For smart-generation phones from one generation to the next Post Earlier this year, Apple started to reduce the price of smartphones in some sectors.

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