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With David Luiz's error, City will Chelsea thinks of penalties and League Cup guidance – 02/24/2019

Manchester City is the advantages of the English Cup for the second year after that. After pulling out to a visit, Pep Guardiola Chelsea 4 to 3 met on today's penalties (24) at Wembley Stadium and raised the prize for the sixth tour in history.

Despite what happened two weeks ago, when the Chelsea City 6-0 put on, Wembley's game did not go and enough disruption. Manchester took the initiative, but it spread the strong defense work of the team led by Maurizio Sarri. As a result, the teams did not score the score and they gave a decision for the penalties.

In penalties, two Brazilians were protagonists – for good and bad. Ederson's work was at # 39; when he defended a penalty, but David Luiz left his son, negative signal when it was burned. The debate ended when Sterling Kepa hit, who refused to leave the field at the end of the pre-time.

The teams return to the field next Wednesday (27), this tour before the 28th visit of the English Summer. Manchester City watching West Ham at Etihad Staircase, length & # 39; Chelsea was hosting Tottenham on Stamford Bridge.

Its home is better but its & # 39; first time connected

First level was not much incentive from both teams at Wembley. This proves that its & # 39; The first visitor game was only after 22 minutes, when Aguero came out of the area. In addition, there were more games at the Town and took the initiative to try out the & # 39; the playground. But the strong Chelsea signal was driving a stronger attack from the team with Pep Guardiola.

The lack of feelings that appear in the fireworks. The team did not leave both teams quickly and did not make much noise in the 45 minutes.

Chelsea will change and protect

Chelsea took a different position for its decision. Coach Maurizio Sarri made the crew a more defensive, non-abusive team, and the London team put a priority on his. mark in a range of defenses. The effective strategy was to avoid the City's pressures in the first half, but Chelsea left almost inaccessible in the attack. The attempts to b & b; best to achieve the competitiveness of competitors in an attack and a danger to a member.

Aguero has set out a VAR removal goal

CARL MOLADH / Action Cards via Reuters
Image: MÒR CARL / Active Images via Reuters

Manchester City's visit to the video referee was suspended in the 10 minutes of the second half. Free Aguero received within the area, turned and filled for the web. The Argentine came out to mark it, but he saw the assistant's signifying a blockage in the & # 39; move. The VAR was introduced to investigate the situation of the attack in motion, but kept a witch check.

Risk is being rolled out and Chelsea is missing opportunities


If Chelsea would look at City City in a & # 39; first half, in the second phase the team started to disturb the enemy. London's side was allowed to open the scoring in the 20 minutes of the second half in a good escape from Harzard on the left. The Willian Belgian was thrown and burned on Kanté inside the area, but the French met over the goal.

Chelsea had another good chance again in the 30th minute when Hazard moved another move and left Pedro in a position to finish inside the area. But, Spanish, lost the chance to try to & # 39; member to his team. These are the best opportunities for the team at their & # 39; game.

Fernandinho is injured and is introduced

The Fernandinho grass took hold of the Pep Guardiola football at the end of the second half. The Brazilians were suffering from the pain of the ice and left the field; sloping short before the expansion. There were ten players in the home in the final management times, but Danilo replaced his son in a pre-time.

Chelsea will save extra time

Manchester City has not been able to reach the goal in an additional time. In the second half of the time, Sterling made a very good game on the right, attacked the area and left the ball for Aguero. The Argentinean tried to finish it with the open goal, but was captured in the border with Azpilicueta.

Aguero had another brilliant opportunity three minutes after the invasion of his home. The member struggled in the mouth of the area, hit him and put a stop in the defense of Kepa Arrizabalaga.

Kepa decides to go back and fight Sarri

At the end of the game there was a tight minute between Kepa Arrizabalaga and Maurizio Sarri coach. The Spanish backdrop refused to replace her at the end of the game and set up a Italian coach at the edge of the pond.

The problem hit the end of the pre-time. Sarri prepared the way to Caballero after Kepa had received medical attention on the field, but the Spanish decided and did not leave the field. The case of the person was disturbing Sarri on her; bench.

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