With other creation, Levir Culpi describes the scale definition of the Athletics for Caldense

Juarez Rodrigues / EM / D.A Press

The Levir Culpi coach has been explaining the team of Atlântico for his & her; game against Caldense, this Saturday at 4:30 p.m., at Ronaldo Stadium at Poos de Caldas, for the sixth round of the Mineiro Competition. As close to the decision by Danbio with the Libertadores Cup – the following month, in Independence – the Rooster coach sent to a field with security creation.

The athlete plays with Cleiton; Guga, Leonardo Silva, Maidana and Carlos Cesar; Lucas Pendido and Jair; Vinicius, Terans and Alessandro Vincius; Alerrandro

On the horizon, Levir has seven options: Michel (backup), Matheus Mancini (defensive), Hulk (left), Nathan (midfielder), Daniel Penha (midfielder) , Bruninho (stripper) and Leandrinho (struggle).

The Atlántico takes place in third place in the Mineiro Championship, with 10 points in five games. In the same time a team used completely, the Alvinegro finished (1 to 0 for the Mass). At that time, Levir raised the range of C & E team.

J Caldense is still looking for her & # 39; first win at the Mineiro Competition. Four people include the Poos de Caldas team and one lost. Before the Deer's resources, try to get the first advantage of it; Finding a better situation in classifying (it's in the eighth place).

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