"Brazilian Football" The 10-year-old fire-star fireplace (Nikkei newspaper) dies 10 people from 14 to 17 years died – Yahoo! News – Yahoo! News


  1. "Brazilian Football" 10 people aged 14-17 years died when the "star star" fireplace was lodged at a youth flamengo accommodation (Nikkei newspaper) – Yahoo! News Yahoo! News
  2. Fire in the famous flamengo actress of Brazil, 10 people died AFPBB News
  3. Tragedy in a famous Brazilian flamengo … killed young players and some 10 people in the fire
  4. Tragedy in a renowned Brazilian flamengo … 10 young people in the fire died (Football sports) Sports Navi
  5. Flamengo at a new Fire Tear, 10 dead children or daily sports
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