Breaking in the new situation


Experts and activists have no doubt: in five years the Brazilian insurance department is completely different from the current one. The players have to change, the materials are different, comparing them more vigorously and the insurance will be more specific and faster.

The basic assumptions for success include job redesign, with benefits in scale, cost cutting and greater efficiency throughout the business period.

Anyone who does not believe in this is a # 39; The great danger of getting out quickly. The pace of change accelerates day to day and five years; going fast.

Between dry and wet, if the next government allows the country to proceed without barrier, Brazil will grows more than 3% in 2019. It is a radical change in the economy's predictions, but it is based on major surveys carried out by people who are living by them and who know how to investigate the motions, the winds and the tides.

If there is a good news for the insurance industry, this growth is over the rehearsal that has been made to a few months ago. Growing in Brazil there is a manna and a; falling from the sky. Insurance is a support activity, so there is no way to improve the business without the economy; grow in full. Brazil's insurance industry is able to duplicate in a short time. As a result, we do not need new media or goods that are quite different than we are today.

The work that continues is still very low. With only 30% of companies employing a type of type; insurance, with over 18 million unprotected houses, with only 25% of the fleet of insurance vehicles, the simple increase in demand for these places is enough to create a steady and steady growth, capable of an operational level changed.

As Brazil grows faster and faster, these applications will be naturally added as a result of increased awareness of the need for resource protection as the best equipment to maintain personal and business growth.

Who protects it. The most real is true and everything is there to help to grow their insurance industry, and # 39; Contribute to the insurers' stores to find new solutions to go to # 39; Ensure that the company has a better cost / benefit.

If we believe there is a huge gap in people's insurance, private health insurance and pension plans as well as the above insurance, including population size, the picture is even more better.

If we include the need for large infrastructure jobs that do not have insurance without guarantee and insurance for the performance, we can see that the division is not double size not only, as a logical result on & # 39; national development process.

The movement of insurers can be the feeling of the new design that makes a shift to change not just the number of companies, but especially the business vision of each one. Insurance brokers, on the other hand, are much better, because they need to understand the movement of insurance agents to their own market position.

There is a dangerous situation. With the nature of the activity, small brokers, called stock brokers, which make only insurance every month, are the smallest risk. Due to their low costs and personal relationships, they still have a place. A more sensitive case is for larger brooches, and & # 39; including larger brokers, who carry heavier and more expensive structures.

Whether it's through working with brokers willing to invest in business and innovate or directly through insurers, new marketing methods are in place; appear and live in their place. It is expected that this move will be & # 39; expanding and new, cheaper and stronger business models that challenge traditional methods of insurance marketing. Anyone who is waiting for the frame to pass over with the new one will eat. Those who prepare and leave the case have everything to do well.


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