Breaking news is being blocked to increase the vaccine against HPV


The beautiful news stories fake news, preventing the increase in HPV vaccine coverage, according to the Ministry of Health. To increase the number of vaccines and clarify the importance of vaccine; vaccine, the portal wants to take advantage of the start of classes in schools to raise awareness among young people and those who are responsible. The suggestion is that they will be aware of the immunization book updated.

Duilgheadas fake news not just Brazil. Earlier this month, her & # 39; The International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) is linked to the World Health Organization (WHO) to report to the problem and state that its & vaccine is safe and essential to remove cervical cancer.

HPV is a disease that will be broadcast by papilloma, a human virus that causes generic and generic proportions, and affect boys and girls. Their vaccine is only found in youth, and so important is it; of sense.

"The restart of the school year is an important time for parents and children to be aware of the vaccine's refreshment booklet. The amount of illnesses is avoids among young people," said a & # 39; ministry. The folder illustrates that one of the things that is a false fact is false; prevent more vaccination coverage. Another reason is that many think they do not need their vaccine.


Vaccine is offered by the Health Ministry, throughout the year, in the Unitary Health Units of the United Health System (SUS). A vaccine is aimed at girls aged 9 to 14 years and boys from 11 to 14 years. They should take two sizes, with inter-four months.

The aim of his or her ministry is to make a vaccine, with two drops, 80% of the puppies, both girls and boys.

According to its portfolio, between 2014 and 2018, 5.9 million girls were immunized in the group aged 9 to 14 with the second dose of the vaccine, and representing 49.9% of the population. With regard to the first dose, vaccine cover in girls is 70.3%. Among the boys, there is a 20.1% coverage of audiences.

Health at school

The 2018 Health Health study, with the Ministry of Health, shows HPV disease to affecting people of all social situations without being unique. The disease is spread geniusically or with skin contact to skin.

The survey shows that 53.6% are so large & # 39; HPV was in Brazil, and HPV was a major threat to cancer development that is present at 35.2%. The inspection evaluated 7,693 of generic persons aged 16 to 25 years.

The Health Program in the School (PSE), developed by the Health and Education Ministers, is one of the government's initiatives to stimulate student immunization. The date for participating in the & # 39; program to 28 of this month.

Editing: Fábio Massalli

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