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Bacteria, not antibiotic antibiotics, are a major driver for doctors all over the world, but a group of scientists have found an unexpected response that can help to & # 39; eliminate these bacteria through "eating" viruses.
The virus, "bactericidal", is a virus that can "eat" bacteria. Eagles are the most common living organisms on the ground.
The bacteriophages are different from viruses that cause diseases such as influenza and Ebola, because they do not harm people, but they do not eat "bacteria" only, telling the Daily Mail .
But these viruses do not eat all types of bacteria. A "bacterium" virus is a & # 39; Eat a special type of medicine, so these remedies are designed according to each disease. At this time, this treatment method was not useful but in specific areas.
Critics say this way is still more effective than regular antibiotics. Viruses that leave the system quickly, so they are only a little ineffective.
Despite these complaints, there is a pilot program at the University of California, USA, which uses bacteriostatic viruses to deal with people who do not hope successfully in other ways, scientists have succeeded -Yes.

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