Brewing battle beer between Regina Breeding Brewer and Minhas Distillery


Minhas Regina brewery complaint is disqualified from selling someone else's lamb and is causing a move in the # 39; local beard industry.

Outbreak Mark Heise says that Minas Sask brewery is in Queen City who has been selling his own craftsmanship as himself.

He says he got an anonymous tip about them at lunchtime on Wednesday.

He says he knew he had not sold his cart to Minhas, and his business was working fast to get her suds.

"I think it's just the rage, the emotional fright that someone made us and that's our result. It's not ours," he said.

"It was very difficult to know that our products, other producers, got our product and we were selling it as the result, without our knowledge."

Mark Heise is a spokesman for Brewing's Reception in Regina. (CBC)

Moni Minhas is the president and Head of the company whose doors opened in Regina a couple of weeks ago.

He praised the decision to purchase IPA of the Exit Release, saying that he bought the support from a friend who, running a hotel.

"By [Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority] law, I have the right to sell Saskatchewan to make meals of foods or fragile substances instead. Everyone, "he said, can recognize, however, that there was no leaf in the mouth.

"In one part, they were right, my quick hand did not say its name, since our graphic designer still worked on it."

Moni Minhas talks about selling trades. 0:25

He raised a question with what he said "insighting" that the business had done something wrong, and released it for fear of a competition.

"As if we were doing something wrong, not illegal or informal, I do not say," he said. "I think it's a co-competitive that I'm worrying to sell better quality at half a price."

Regina Minhas's center is not breaking up as he is still, but Minhas said he hoped to do so in the future.

The President and President of the MinhasSaskatchewan, Winery and Brewery Moni Minhas Distillery say that he has the right to sell a leek made in Saskatchewan, and has not done anything wrong or unlawful farewell (CBC News)

Heise said he has introduced a public fight with the hopes of stopping Minhas from going to her. keep this, or, # 39; Focusing on other local blacks by selling a lot without limiting it quickly.

"We have been guilty of bringing it in full, and we hope that will end it," he said.

SLGA confirmed that it looks at complaints. He provided information on promotion and promotion. However, the material did not explicitly explain rules for naming buds from other beetles.

Heise said that it is trustworthy in the SLGA to do the best effort to play in & # 39; investigating question.

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