Brexit News – live: the vote of the second referendum could easily affect what if the Labor MPs reunited again, after an evening in parliament t


Tory Island Sir Oliver Letwinthe brains behind the indicative vote plan, have warned that the UK could get away for Brexit without delay on 12 April, unless an MP finds another option.

After a dramatic evening in Parliament, when MPs could not join up any plan, Sir Oliver told him. Today The program is: "At some point or another we have to make it across the line or else we need to find another option if we want to avoid the business on the 12th, which I hope at the time." this is likely to happen.

"At the moment we are setting a situation where, under the law, we leave unconditionally on the 12th, which many of us think is not a good solution, and the question is # 39; Is the parliament every Monday willing to attend most of the way that does not include that outcome? "

MPs hold their second round of votes on a Monday – unless Mrs May can get her first start.

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