Brexit treats bad for trading between the UK and the USA, Donald Trump says


Donald Trump has focused on the Theresa May's and Brexit contract; recommends that trade could be difficult between the US and the UK.

The US President said the agreement was "a real feeling for the European Union".

Speaking to storytellers outside the White House, Mr Trump said "how the Brexit agreement is standing, the UK may not trade with the US".

Mr Trump's comments come as he was going to be in a position; going off on a trip to Mississippi.

He said: "It seems like the EU is a bigger, and I think we need to do this:

"I think we need to look seriously about whether the UK is able to trade or not, because you know right now, if you look at the contract, you may not be able to trade with us.

"That would not be a good thing. I do not think they meant that, I do not think that the Prime Minister meant that and hoped that she can do something about that but now because the contract is likely to stand out that they can not trade with the US and I do not think they are They want that at all, that would be a big problem for the contract. "

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