Brian Buley, in case of his uncertainty: "I will not go back to the street because I'm afraid to steal"


Aistear who wants to suffer the same thing that happens in the series where he works. Brian Buley, a famous risen for his career as Pedro Pedraza The Pavilion, an example of this. Entertaining in We can talkHe acknowledged that he suffers many due to insecurity, to his / her; point that he unites the street alone and his / her; trying to return home early. "I'm afraid they'll be kidnapped because I know", he ensured the program.

His remarkable remarks made to the rest of his guests. The cycling driver, Andy Kusnetzoff, asked them who was "a child" at the start of his career. Buley, along with Pedro Alfonso, was one of those who put forward, due to his relationship with the line director Luis Ortega.

But when they asked him if he was still there, Following collection, after the success of his character, Buley said he was not. "I did not have any threats, but There are always bad people who I wrote on Instagram so I do not leave my house alone"he said.

In that way, the actor clarified that he only left to play with his cousin at his & her; dance and that come back too dark. "There are bad people on the street," he said.

To give some examples of fear, Buley said he had two men who knew him; focus on the collection. "The boy is there A & # 39; No? They asked me, "said he," he started, but the speech grew when they tried out about the third season. The actor refused to show information and the answer he found and hid: "You put yourself in ortho, they started telling me," he said.

Buley crossed the way and gave a community friendly policeman. But that move made everything worse. "I did not do that at all, but I went overseas and told the police, but not because they shouted to me, but how I said, "he said," Stay down here. " And the rest in the & # 39; The collection that attacked me They were not going to do something for me. These people are sore. I was scared"he finished.

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