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L & # 39; Equip is always "spinning" the fastest results that the member chooses with the French football magazine in France, and organizations are always in a position; Waiting to see "an introduction" of the sports sporting paper to prove who is true. The names are listed on the 3 podium prize list.

In the last few weeks, Antoine Griezmann saw his talk, campaigning to be worthy of being in the top three.

Atletico Madrid 2018's championship is respected for his club and national team, where he won the World Cup with Les Bleus and Europa League and Colchoneros.

It is a problem that the French voting ballot voted two other French players who had been more successful than Antoine. And this leaves the Orin Town Gala which was held on 3 December in Paris that does not give glory to Griezmann.

The recent shift with many of the players Les Bleus who wanted for French – the world player – must be fulfilled as reports on European journalists on Both Raphael Varane is the only player that has given honor, which has made more than Griezmann at the club level for the third prize at the European League.

In addition to winning the World Cup Griezmann, but Kylian Mbappe made a huge contribution to the performance of Les Bleus, and so the PSG youth ballot would be a " open its ability to & # 39; competing with Luka Modric na Griezmann, who lost. Captain Croatia for UEFA and FIFA elections (Best 2018).

The candidate will benefit his / her; yellow member 1Antoine Griezmann is outside

The above statements are filled with L & # 39; Equipe in the video for their latest journal, where Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann are not present.

World-wide home-made houses guarantee that Cristiano Ronaldo and Griezmann are going to be on the way. podium by Luka Modric, who won the Exposition League three times in the series and brought to Croatia to the second place in the world.

However, the French media has argued that Raphael Varane and Kylian Mbappe have more opportunities in Griezmann's main level if they are only in their performance throughout the year.

Griezmann interviews have recently been commissioned by newspapers and newspapers and television have been campaigning for themselves. And if there is a right L-39 statement, Griezmann and Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have just been out of this year.

Who wins?

So far, according to what people are interested, Luka Modric is the best candidate for Gold Ball, even if he has won the best Ronaldo no Griezmann. But when we put the Modric, Varane and Mbappe on the scale, we will have a feeling when Modric is really less Varane in terms of performance, and Varane has less difficulty in Mbappe on a range World Cup.

Even if you're looking at it & # 39; clip carefully L & # 39; Equipe, and an awareness of the performance of the Gala award, perhaps the French race, between Real Madrid's defensive and anti-PSG opposition.

Here we will see another unfit for Golden Ball Awards, which helps strikestepers what the defensors and winners of Mbappe are very easy to understand.

If Mbappe was a Yellow Member, he would certainly make history and his / her; disappointing the people who thought it was too young to be honored. But if true, Mbappe is totally deserving of this noble title. After that, we talk about the best young talent in today's football world, and no one has come close to doing it; Achieving what is achieved at such an age.

In other words, if Griezmann was in the top three, he was the richest candidate Kylian Mbappe. Of course!


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