Bridge – Hid will support your permission to & # 39; program to reject Andrey Danko


Béla Bugár, head of party, said, as long as the CIS wants to vote for its program to take a wonderful meeting, direct its & # 39; most of its representatives.

BRATISLAVA, November 17 ( – BP will be a partnership party & # 39; Supporting an incredible program of meeting of the National Council of Soviet Republic that opposed the challenge to appeal to the President of the Parliament Andrey Danko. This was named by the director of Béla Bugár (Most-Híd) following a meeting of the Republican Council. Accordingly, it is unclear how the majority of voters vote during the meeting.

The problem is about Dan and the university

"Before the meeting, our club is meeting and we decide how to vote. There is no talk about the conspiracy arguments, there is a little tension between the Slovenian National Party (SNS) and me, but the argument is not " said Bugar.

"The opponents have not yet given the names gathered to an amazing meeting, and if they do, I accept that they will be called within seven days -obrach, but this is a problem between President Andrej Dank (CIS) and the University, who needs to defend " Bugar added him. Accordingly, a joint council council meeting should also take place in an amazing session.

& # 39; meeting

Danka is planning to introduce the challenge for his detailed work in 2000, which is based on experts and information translated into; spelling. Partnership Most commented after publishing Dank's work, seeking a personal decision. The opposite challenge has demanded one incredible parliamentary meeting, but the party parties did not vote for the approval of their program. It needs a vast majority of the ballot votes that are present. The exact date is unknown.

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