Brilliant way Kate Beckinsale remembers his father Richard's life for her daughter


Comedian Kate Beckinsale remembers her father Richard live by watching in Porridge and Rising Damp with his daughter Lily.

Kate, 45, said her mother Judy had led to a “million video” of competitions by Richard Beckinsale, as well as the book from This This Your Life in 1977.

Richard, a celebrity player in Ronnie Barker Lennie Godber in Porridge, died aged 31, when Kate was five. He had a bad heart.

Kate, who is now living in LA and will be involved in new ITV The Widow, about mhathan Judy, said: “Your book" Your Life "with Richard Beckinsale's father from Eamonn Andrews in 1977, indeed. That's a good thing.

Actor Richard Beckinsale by his wife Judy Loe and her daughter Kate

Kate Beckinsale

“We're also looking at a million old video recordings, which we can't watch if we see a video player. She is beautiful
a good keeper of all these things. ”

20-year-old Lily has found out about her late grandfather through her competitions.

Kate said: “The seats that my father had, indeed, are indeed very important. Some of it is also shown to my daughter Lily. My mother keeps everything. It's not just about my life, which gives you a bit of a chance. It is interesting. ”


Actor Richard Beckinsale, Judy Low and Kate Beckinsale

Richard, his other daughter Samantha, 52, died as an actress asleep from heartbreak.

In The Widow, Kate plays Georgia, who goes to Congo's Democratic Republic believe her husband is dead.

Kate Beckinsale

There were filming in hard Africa. Kate said: “I've gone one day from being too hot. ”

  • Widow Monday Monday 8, on ITV, starts at 9pm.
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