British "effective" medicine against sleep disease


LONDON (Reuters) – British drug health authorities recently agreed to cure a fatal disease called "sleeping illness" among the hope that the drug would expressed the suffering of millions of people.

According to the "Telegraph" newspaper, the authorities agree to the drug, which will treating people with "human Afrophyrophyrogenia", the disease is spread in the earthquakes and the problems that occur; at death.

This dangerous disease is attracted to people with a flying tsetse, and after emerging, the symptoms appear within a few weeks as bad brown.

Some 65 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa are in a position; suffering from a disease. The symbols are & # 39; including swelling of the winding habits, the muscles and associated aspirations, headsets and the strange system.

There is a problem of illness at this time in high treatment costs, and he has to keep the patient in the hospital for a long time, but most people in this disease do not live in remote and remote areas get advanced hospitals.

The new drug, called Vexini dazole, gives simple medicine to the disease. It is enough for the patient to give one phill for 10 days.

The unfavorable disease treatment initiative, DNDi, monitored the development of the drug, and the executive's executive director says that the person who is ill-treated. suffer from sleeping illness to look at her & her; death is inevitable unless it is handled.

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