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At the end of March, Britain's great divide was in Britain ahead of British Union's European Union time, and three European Union (EU) members are expected to participate in & # 39; an independent group, a group of lawyers that put on behalf of the Labor Party, was unhappy with president's policies; party, Jerome Corbin.

Anna Sabri, Sara Ulaston, and three members of the Conservative Party Heydar Alen have gone to the independent group, in which eight of the House of Representatives have lost their work in the first Labor Party against the election Tuesday.

Prime Minister, Teresa Mei, attends the "Prime Minister's Question" week held in the House of Representatives on December 19, 2018. / Latest News

The Conservative Party spokesman said he was "on the right" on the Brettschaft. "We can not remain in the Conservative Party, who is unhappy with the policies of the European Democratic Alliance (DUP) of the European Research Group (ERG) and the federal government of Northern Ireland," he said in a letter to his & # 39; First Minister Terry S. May. I explained why. The ERG is a European irregular meeting in the & # 39; Conservative Party, and DUP is in political party action and a government of a consortium. At the same time, the Conservative Party was arrested in withdrawal from the EU with the right British party of the British Independent Party (UKIP).

They also indicated how the government settled in the Brakes situation was a "terrible thing". I did not try to create a consensus. "The government quickly fractured the red split or broke the basic reasons," he said. "48% waived." Here, 48% refer to the negative votes of Lebresch. Since the British vote for Bretts leaving 52 per cent in the Brecksheet referendum in June 2016 and 48 per cent in the challenge.

"We need to be better treated," he said. "We see political failure not only in the Conservatives but also in the main bipartisans. Our politics are urgent, and we are willing to take part." He said.

In a press conference, Labor Party Solicitors, including Lucian Barber, Ummana Chuca and Mike Gheis, launched a news conference on May 18, because it is likely to be Jewish and religious . Labor party lawyers have complained that Mr Corbin will be dragged to Mr. May, not to fight for a banner attack, with a second referendum.

Joon Ryan, a member of the Labor Party, has also been absent, increasing the number of members of the Labor Party to eight. Instead of entering into other challenging parties, they decided to create an independent group, a non-party partnership.

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