British Report warns dangers in Huawei equipment


British cybersecurity experts said that Thursday They found important technical problems The Huawei Chinese software company represents risks to the nation's cellular networks.

It is the latest in the global battlefield on Huawei, which would be the subject of the United States, which gives the Chinese Government confidential information throughout the world.

The annual report released on Thursday commented that the officers have not asserted that Huawei is unable to solve the problems, saying that the company has done nothing to address the concerns identified in the report. T Last year it was decided to solve the problem.

The US government wants it your European countries are blocking software Of the firms in the cellular networks who will be launched in the next few years as a result of concerns that the Huawei team will have been used to shout.

However, Britain has said so far, saying it can deal with risks without the need for avoidance.

The report states that only a "limited guarantee" can be addressed that addresses the long term risks of national security arising from the Huawei software presence in telecommunications networks required in Britain.

The document says that British cyber security authorities did not consider the deficiencies to be found as a result of "Chinese state input".

Since 2010, an assessment center, funded by the Chinese company, is inspected by Huawei equipment used by the British cell phone companies and managed by a board managed by a British officer.

Huawei declined the report Show that British networks are more vulnerable than last year.

“We understand the concerns and are really heavy,” said the company in a statement.

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