Britney Spears celebrates 20 years of video "Baby One More Time"


COUNCIL – If we do not count on the success of Britney Spears, there is always a flavor – or notably a special sound: that's the first. The famous click "… Baby One More Time" has just marked twenty years. Anniversary celebrating which is & # 39; wake up over us 90s nostalgia.

On Monday, November 26, the American singer sent Instagram a message indicating that he was not aware that many years passed since the video was released in 1998: "I remember yesterday's like filming! " . But Britney Spears is unbelievable: if someone does not spell time, he does not. cares for preserving the tubes.

The first stone of an international building

Sorry to believe, but it was not the greatest success; in Britney Spears always expected. Written by the Swedish, Max Martin, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" is definitely recommended for TLC, and Robyn, who is later in decline. The TLCs will state that the song's complex title, which may be considered as a stimulus of domestic violence [“hit me” veut dire “frappe-moi”, mais l’auteur pensait à “hit me up”: “appelle-moi”, ndlr].

The song "… Baby One More Time" is about to eliminate the delays – left without an interpreter, and # 39; decided to bet on Britney Spears, just see in a share. Old children's star of Mickey Mouse Club [aux côtés de Justin Timberlake, qui lui devra notamment son tube “Cry Me A River”, ndlr], the six-year-old daughter has been struggling to return to the light.

The day that was released in the bins, the same "Baby One More Time goes to 500,000 copies, so make sure that the top of the recordings is unusual in The United States (and in 18 other countries) did not leave the next week. He went on a tour to the same year shopping centers to promote his first album, the young singer from Mississippi can not think what who is waiting for it with this first pipe.

Named for the scattered tune, the director, Nigel Dick, looks a tapestry as a cartoon. But Britney Spears, who is committed to achieving more adult audiences, is sending her & # 39; (fortunately kept) of the high school. She has chosen to do this – which is famous – has now improved schoolchildren, a mix of innocent and sadness that is also the artist's signature (she says the song "Oops! … I did It -rithist": "I'm not so innocent" ("I'm not so innocent")).

The final result, 4 minute sequences of American lion and American crystal chicons, will be released on November 24, 1998.

The pop song of the whole generation

Today, the clip of "Baby One More Time" has over 370 million views on YouTube. In a pop culture world, it is a genuine reference, as the signs that appear regularly; hindering existing jobs (such as "Glee" for example).

The only one, as part of it, is still one of the best in the world (9 million copies) and is 25 in the "100 best pop songs ever" according to Rolling Stone and MTV. In the eponymous work, he has achieved a great commercial success (the best record of the year 1999) and Britney Spears, who is now 36 years old, is a permanent kingdom on a & # 39; internationally music.

Twenty years after being released, "Baby One More Time" stands out as a "hymn generation" Continue to host a nightmare karaoke collection.

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