Broken nose on the nose because of not having a # 39; dance at her wedding


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It was simply refused as a result of a casualty at his wedding, although there was someone to stop the homekeeper but the person Thi's attack is still back to Mr Thanh's broken nose attack.

Sneez because of dancing at her & # 39; wedding

Defense of Nguyen Xuan Thi

On November 20, the People's Court in Buon Ma Thuot City (Dak Lak Province) opened the first listener of the criminal case "damaging its unity" to the to defend Nguyen Xuan Thi (SN 1976) TDP 3, Tan Hoa. According to her conviction, around 17h30 on 21/10/2014, Thi came to the party to mark Huynh Van Tam who was tomorrow. Be prepared hard, to the other side Mr Duong Hien Thanh (SN 1973 – who lives in Tan Hoa ward) was invited to live music. As a result of Mr Thanh's refusal, there is a conflict between them both, but he was encouraged.

At 22 o'clock on the same day, Thi was a behaviour, but back in a hurry hit him in the face. Dak Lak province's forensic center ended: Thanh was wounded, broken nose. According to witnesses, before the event, Mr Ho Van Ha (SN 1977, who lived in Hoa Thang) had to stop, with 29% of casualties. The defendant's family has paid 40 million dong.

However, organizations did not approve Mr Ha's case to his case but was divided into another case, as there was no basis for confirming that the person was protected; hit Mr Ha. At the end of the case, the Panel has made a 9 month prison term; Award for Mr Thanh 25 million.

The crack because of his dance at the wedding - 2

A general view of the first place of listening

Advocate Ta Quang Tong (lawyers in Dak Lak province) said the Panel found that it had to be against each other, it was not a new test. As Mr Ha is just a person who stops, then hitting it.

"No, Mr Ha hit himself 29% injured. In addition, there is no reason for the defendant to give 40 million Mr Ha's family to loan without certificating unreasonable. I recommend to the Panel to pay an additional investigation, to verify the defendant who struck You 2 people injured, not 1, "analyzing a person -lagha Cong.

Every time the person was protected to return … the person who agreed "was favorable"

Previously, on March 30, 2015, the Buon Ma Thuot City Court of the People ' case to prove his case initially to be convicted of Nguyen Xuan Thi 12 months imprisonment, but stop sentence. The defendant also took the time arrested in the previous three months, down to nine months. Time of challenge is only 1 year and 6 months.

On 11/12/2017 the High Court in Da Nang has rejected the case as & # 39; The defendant's behavior shows a hooligan aggression nature. Defend the defendant for a 1 year sentence in the jail when it is hurtfully solus; The sentence that has been arrested is illegally implemented.

On the other hand, the High Court held a Ho Van Ha partnership with Mr Hsien Hsien and defended his marriage on 21 October 2014; then being hurt at 29% of the body is a real thing. The statements in the case case registers are " confronting each other, but the bodies that hold legal affairs in Buon Ma Thuot City have not been investigated and can not decide who is in a position; influencing Mr Ha. Mr Ha's departure from the case, which impacted on the ambition and a broad decision to & # 39; case; It does not accurately assess the nature and extent of crime and the effects; which causes the person to be protected.

A stone wedding, 19 boys of the city were criticized by the population

In front of over 300 villagers, the young men had self-heads, welcomed their mistakes, and made their own commitment not to see themselves.

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